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The story of the house of gold & bones continues in part 2, the 5th studio album released by the band Stone Sour. It’s the final chapter in the concept album by the Des Moines band, bringing closure to the story and what happens to our friend Allen.

Following the album is a series of 4 comics and what Corey is hoping to be two feature length movies and a tour later this year early next year where the band will be playing both albums back to back over two night with what he says an insane stage production! Personally I cannot wait for all of it! I’m hoping to make my first overseas trip for the Stone Sour tour as well! For a few reasons; none of my friends here care enough to go, I have a friend overseas who would love for me to join her and well I want to go somewhere!

HOGAB 21. ‘Red City’
2. ‘Black John’
3. ‘Sadist’
4. ‘Peckinpah’
5. ‘Stalemate’
6. ‘Gravesend’
7. ’82’
8. ‘The Uncanny Valley’
9. ‘Blue Smoke’
10. ‘Do Me A Favor’
11. ‘The Conflagration’
12. ‘The House Of Gold & Bones’

Unlike part 1, part 2 doesn’t start out heavy and in your face, instead it starts out with just Corey’s voice and soft piano which slowly develops with drums and eventually it become a heavier song, but a slow heavy song. The song casually flows into the next song which is Black John, which is a personal favourite of mine. Black John is a fast paced heavy song with a soft sampled intro of some sort. The style of Corey’s vocals are what I have come to love a lot over the recent years as he has refined his style even more, his aggressive clean vocals during the verses and his melodic soothing vocals during the chorus, he really knows how to use his voice to his advantage.

The song following Black John is ‘Sadist’ starts out as a relatively relaxed song, a ballad almost I guess you could say. It picks up, but it stays mostly relaxed, witch Corey’s soothing melodic vocals through the entire song.

Peckinpah, an interesting title, not sure where Corey came up with the name for that one. Maybe I will ask him when I meet him one day.. If I ever remember or say anything cause I am terrible when I meet my idols. Stone Sour are an interesting band, they can go from a ballad to a heavy fast paced rip your face off song and not bad an eyelid. Peckinpah isn’t exactly that but it has aspects of 2 different songs in one, one moment it’s calm and just a heavy calm song then all of a sudden it’s full of double kick and aggressive vocals. I love it.

The opening to Stalemate is amazing, I love the melody being achieved here by Corey’s vocals! I would say it’s this albums version of Tired, but Tired still wins! Stone Sour don’t have a niche song like some bands do, they can do it all, ballads, heavy, fast, slow, a mixture of all the above and still make it sound like a band that didn’t exist before.

Gravesend there’s something about this song that I cannot pin point. It’s a great song, but there’s something about the groove (I think) of it that is just different from the rest of the songs so far on the album. It’s a good different though.

82, where each line of the lyrics just flow into each other. It’s another favourite song of mine off the album, it was one that just stood out as soon as I heard it.

The Uncanny Valley, another soft/heavy song. I guess Stone Sour are getting comfortable with writing the mix of soft & heavy songs, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact I think there’s a lack of such songs in metal and when done right they’re great.

Blue Smoke/Do Me A Favor, Blue Smoke is pretty much just a 2 minute intro for Do Me A Favor, the song means nothing on its own but when placed before Do Me A Favor it makes sense and fits! Do Me A Favor the first single from the album, one of the heaviest songs on the album, and another favourite of mine! A catchy tune, but then again I find most Stone Sour songs catchy!

The Conflagration, it rolls in after Do Me A Favor with a drum roll of sorts and piano with Corey backing it with his melodic vocals. It’s a beautiful song.

The House Of Gold & Bones, the final track to this album and the story, fitting to title the last track the same as the albums. It’s a fast paced song, from what I can tell it’s about Allen and his final moments in the house of gold & bones with lyrics like “I gotta do it alone, I will burn alive in the House of Gold and Bones” which makes you think did he just commit suicide? was he murdered? was it him punishing himself for previous actions?

Over all it’s an amazing album. But I can’t rank it better than part 1, maybe because part 1 holds a special place in my heart, but so does part 2 for very similar reasons as well. Actually the exact same reasons to be honest!

But part 1 has my more favourite songs. Sorry Corey I think you were wrong, part 2 isn’t better 😉 It’s part one! But hey part 2 is still amazing and i’ve garnered 50 plays of it since I first got it a week ago today!

So that’s all from me for this little review I guess on the two new albums from Stone Sour!


The House of Gold & Bones, the 2 part concept album saga from Des Moines, Iowa heavy rock/metal band Stone Sour, which is fronted by none other than Slipknot main man, Corey motherfucking Taylor! Along with Jim Root who plays alongside Corey in Slipknot. The rest of the band is made up of Josh Rand (guitar), Roy Mayorga (drums) & Johnny Chow on bass, he also sports a fantastic beard, like ZZ Top quality.

House of Gold & Bones is as I said a two part concept album, which Corey had written the story to previously which is being released in comic book form as well! It’s Stone Sours 4th album since they got back together in 2003, and I must say it’s a sign they’re only maturing and becoming stronger as a band, musicians and song writers, which is always great about your favourite band if you ask me.

Part 1 of the 2 part album is 11 tracks which are as follows:

HOGAB11. ‘Gone Sovereign’
2. ‘Absolute Zero’
3. ‘A Rumor of Skin’
4. ‘The Travellers Part 1′
5. ‘Tired’
6. ‘RU486′
7. ‘My Name Is Allen’
8. ‘Taciturn’
9. ‘Influence of a Drowsy God’
10. ‘The Travellers Part 2′
11. ‘Last of the Real’

The album has a great mix of soft and heavy songs which just work and flow in to each other which is how a concept album is meant to work whilst telling the story of the main character, whose name is Allen. I always have loved concept albums, my all time favourite and first run in with them was probably the most famous one, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, so famous and well composed they even made it into an amazing movie starring Bob Geldof as the main character, Pink.

I’m going to say it now this album is extremely special to me, it is the reason why I know my best friend Kat, if it wasn’t for it I would never have met her. So this album holds a dear place in my heart, which is why I now rank it as my top album of 2012 along with Apocalyptic Love by Slash with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

I remember when I first got the album back in October, I wasn’t overly fussed with it, but I had a lot of my plate then so I was finding it hard to get into a new album, even though I loved what I had heard before it came out. I sort of had 2 or 3 listens then put it on the back burner and just listened to my favourite songs being, Tired, Absolute Zero, Gone Sovereign and RU486. It wasn’t until I got talking to Kat and had a few more listens to it when I was more myself that I realised how amazing this album actually was and how much I loved it, since then I have clocked over 105 listens to the album. It was the only album I listened to two days straight almost after seeing Stone Sour at Soundwave this year.

It starts out right in your face with Gone Sovereign and flows into another heavy fast paced song that being Absolute Zero, which is punchy and makes you want to get up and just mosh. The songs that follow the two opening tracks are Rumor of Skin which is heavy and a fun live track whilst The Travellers Part 1 is a softer song, very calming.

Tired; my favourite song from the album and Stone Sour song in times gone by. It has such an amazing opening guitar riff. The vocals are amazing, it’s punchy but not overly heavy. I think that is made possible by the string assortment used in the song.

RU486 another favourite of mine, extremely heavy fast paced with aggressive vocals. The what seems to be gang vocals in the chorus is awesome, it adds a whole other level to the song.

My Name is Allen, this is where were finally find out our characters name, surprise surprise it’s Allen! It’s a midrange Stone Sour song, not too heavy not too soft, just right in the middle. Corey has great melody on his voice, but when doesn’t he?!

Taciturn, is a soft song, with acoustic guitar. It’s slow and mellow it’s a nice change and breaks the album up a bit where needed. Influence of a Drowsy God, starts out with a piano riff, then gets punchy with the instruments coming in all of a sudden with the vocals. It’s another mid field in terms of heavy and soft. They seem to be some of the best songs Stone Sour do.

The Travellers Part 2 a continuation of part 1, it starts out heavier than the first but just as awesome, I reckon! It soon smooths out into a more mellow song which then continues into the last song on the album The Last of the Real which is a heavy song, possibly one of the heaviest in terms of Corey’s vocals, they’re angry. He’s angry, the lyrics are angry, it works.

Over all it is a phenomenal album, I love it so much. It means the world to me since it is the reason why I know one of the kindest and most sweetest young ladies around.

It’s a great album, I suggest it for anyone who likes Stone Sour, part 2 will be coming in the coming days I hope.