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2013 is quite the year for bands that I love, it’s possibly going to be a bigger year for me musically than last year was, and last year was pretty fucking amazing I must say.

But why is 2013 so big you ask? For a start there’s a new Black Sabbath album?! BLACK FUCKING SABBATH! Sadly it’s only Ozzy, Geezer & Tony touring and doing the album since Bill Ward couldn’t get the contract he wanted or something, i’m not going to go into that since it’s a touchy subject AND it’s a grey area in my opinion.

So first up for 2013 was Bad Religion, I had forgotten they had an album in the works! I also didn’t realise it was released the day before my birthday on January 22nd! I still need to listen to the album, I assume it’ll be typical Bad Religion, but also decent.

Next up for 2013 is Australia guitar virtuoso/rock/pop chick Orianthi, if you do not know who this beautiful, talented and badass guitar chick is from Adelaide, I highly suggest you check out her first TWO albums, Violet Journey & Believe, both very different but both awesome in their own right. She’s also the lead guitarist for Alice Cooper, and Alice doesn’t pick shit musicians. Her new album Heaven in this Hell is due out end of February I cannot wait, i’ve heard a few tracks and they’re clearly more rock n’ roll, the debut single Frozen has a very Hendrix feel to it. Which ain’t a bad thing!

The third album on my radar due for 2013 is David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ on March 8th this is his first album since Reality in 2003. I am excited for this, I love Bowie, even if his post 80’s music never appealed to me. But he’s David freaking Bowie, he’s not someone you forget about or not know about. The first single he released from it was Where Are We Now, not a bad song, very Bowie-like in my opinion, the video clip was certainly different to what I was expecting, but it’s Bowie he can do what he damn well likes.

Now Wednesday 13 is meant to be releasing his new solo album ‘The Dixie Dead’ sometime in February or March, there is no confirmed date yet which is sad. I love Wednesday, he’s the artist I believe everyone should look upto. He’s independent of a label, he doesn’t fuck around releasing music, he stays active with THREE side projects, one being Murderdolls which is what gave him the fan base he has. Also he’s a great bloke to his fans.

Stone Sour! Their 2nd part of The House of Gold & Bones duo album. They’re the 2nd band in the last year which I list to to release a multi-part album, Green Day was the other one who released THREE albums within 3 months. I am excited for the second part of this album, I love Stone Sour and I really liked the first part. They’re another band which I cannot fault with their releases.

Daft Punk, i’m not a fan of any kind of electro music, but who doesn’t love Daft Punk?! Especially if you grew up as kid in the 90’s like I did. So i’ll give that a listen, plus they’re the masters of the genre, it’s a fact.

Black Sabbath, the bands first album with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978 when he was booted from the band and replaced with the now late Ronnie James Dio. I am hoping this is true vintage Sabbath and not modern day solo Ozzy. I also hope to see them on tour this year, but that’s looking slim to none sadly. The only gripe I have with the new Sabbath album is it’s titled ’13’ they could’ve been more original than that haha.

That’s it for confirmed albums that are coming out this year; now onto what Wikipedia has as unconfirmed for this year.

AC/DC, being an Aussie I think it’s part of our constitution that I have to love our biggest musical act. But damn AC/DC are so simple, but it goes to show simple sells and they have their formula mastered! I hope they do release an album this year, that would be amazing.

Alter Bridge, it’s known that Myles, Mark, Scott & Brian are off in Tampa (I think) currently writing & constructing the new Alter Bridge album, I only learnt of this band in recent times, about 4 years ago, but I love them, they’re an amazing modern day rock band who deserve every bit of recognition they get. They’re also phenomenal live. I hope the new album is out this year, I need more music sung by Myles Kennedy with his amazing voice.

Anthrax, I believe they have an EP coming out with a bunch of cover, which will be awesome. I love Joey Belladonnas voice and welcome more stuff with him singing on it!

Deep Purple, this band are the reason why keyboards and organs are cool in rock & metal, thank you Jon Lord. I hope they still have it even with out Ritchie Blackmore behind guitar & the late Jon Lord on keyboards.

Dream Theater, not a huge fan but their last release was a pretty solid album, one of my favourites of 2011.

Eminem, like electro not a fan of rap or hip hop, but Eminem, I have a soft spot for the white boy who made it in a black man’s game. Also I grew up hearing his music on the television & radio and it stuck with me, also he does great parody songs, which is what the world needs.

Iron Maiden, another reason why heavy metal exists. All the best bands that started heavy metal were British, it’s a fact! Their last album The Final Frontier was true modern Iron Maiden, I loved it. Was possibly the release I was most excited for in 2010. Can’t wait for more from the metal gods.

Katy Perry & Lady Gaga, it’s true I have a soft spot for their catchy pop songs. Also both are relatively good looking women, can you blame a guy for liking a popstar who dresses in scantily clad clothes and sings about kissing girls or other sexual things? I can’t.

King Diamond, the guy who dresses and looks like a gothic vampire who will suck your blood and then proceed to eat your liver with fava beans who has an incredibly amazing high falsetto voice. His solo work isn’t bad, I wouldn’t say he’s a favoruite but i’ll keep watch on what he releases for sure. Now how about a Mercyful Fate reunion?

Megadeth, it’s already known that paranoid Dave & crew have finished recording and are currently mixing the new album, hopes are that it’s not all about the gov’t are mind controlling us and all these other crazy conspiracies Mr. Mustaine manages to dream up.

Motörhead, Lemmy, love him or well fuck off. He’s Lemmy he is god. Motörhead are like AC/DC they have not changed their sound in 40 years, they don’t care. They’re one of the loudest bands on the planet, ZZ Top being one of the others. I absolutely loved Motörhead’s last studio effort, it was a top notch record.

Rob Zombie, he’s confirmed that he’s got a new album in the works, I liked Hellbilly Deluxe 2, though I hope his musical abilities haven’t taken a dive like his movie making skills look to have. *cough*Lords of Salem*cough*

Sixx:A.M. I found out the other that Nikki Sixx is writing his third album with his side project, hey Nikki Motley Crue needs a new fucking album since it’s been 5 fucking years already, one album in THIRTEEN YEARS from the band that made Glam Metal what it is, is PATHETIC. But I do look forward to another Sixx:A.M. record.

Slayer, Kerry King keeps saying that it’s coming, yeah and so is the impending doom of this world, Kerry. Recwntly he said he has no idea how Jeff Hanneman is doing in terms of rehab after he managed to get bitten by possibly a spider and contracted necrotizing fasciitis. I hope Jeff is well and able to play again, it would be a shame to see him have to hang up his guitar and leave Slayer, after Dave Lombardo he’s the main driving force musically in my opinion behind the band.

That’s pretty much it for what I am expecting in 2013 musically so far, who knows another band I love might end up with another album out this year, Dope would be awesome to an album by maybe even Airbourne or Bowling For Soup.


Metallica; a Thrash Metal band formed in Los Angeles circa 1981, they were amongst the Glam & Hair bands that were largely present at the time in the LA music scene. They some how managed to stay above the ocean of hair spray, spandex, leather, high heels & make up with their heavy, gritty, fast paced, mean sounding music.

They’re one of four big bands that came from the United States are are governed as The Big Four of Thrash Metal, the others being; Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax. Metallica being the largest of the four followed by Slayer then Megadeth and in last place sadly Anthrax, who I think as a live band are the best of the four, especially when fronted by the all amazing & talented Joey Belladonna on vocals.

Back to Metallica, by 1983 Metallica had already been through two band members bassist Ron McGoveney had come and gone & lead guitarist Dave Mustaine has been booted out for his alcoholism and general attitude to the band. Which was the best thing to ever have happened to Dave because it gave him the fuel needed to start Megadeth, which in itself is a rather respectable band, even if Dave is not when he opens his mouth and it is not on stage during a song.

By then Metallica consisted of James Hetfield on lead vocals & guitar, Lars Ulrich on drums, Cliff Burton on bass & Kirk Hammet on lead guitar. This line up formed the band for their first three releases, Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning & my personal favourite Master of Puppets. Then rolled around the European Master of Puppets tour in 1986 where a tragic accident in Sweden left Cliff Burton dead at the age of 24. Metallica was now with out a bass player and had to abandon their European fans mid tour. It wasn’t looking good for them, but they weren’t going to throw in the towel there. They held extensive auditions for a new bass player and finally they settled on Jason Newstead, who was a huge Metallica fan also, so he went from looking up from the crowd in his home town on year at a Metallica show to looking down on the crowd all within the space of a year.

The band released an EP with Jason, then a full studio album, their fourth effort titled “…And Justice For All” it was Metallica’s first album to debut in the top 10 and it was proving things were only going to get better and bigger for them from here on in. That proved so with them being nominated for a Grammy and most likely to win, although they did not, they lost out to Jetro Tull.

The 90’s rolled around and Metallica teamed up with the famous music producer Bob Rock, who was known for working with bands like Motley Crue, Aerosmith & Bon Jovi. He was brought in after James Hetfield loved his production work on Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood album. Whilst still hating Motley Crue, because they were seen as rivals. Metallica being the bad boys of Metal & Motley Crue the bad boys of Sunset Strip & Rock N’ Roll in general.

Bob came in to help the band for their new album simply titled ‘Metallica’ or ‘The Black Album’ as it is more commonly called due to it’s black album with nothing more than Metallica in the top left and the bands snake logo bottom right in a dark grey. The Black Album is considered to be where Metallica sold out. This is where I beg to differ that Metallica never sold out. They simply expanded their horizons musically, they brought in someone who knew what he was doing and how to help the band define their sound on each song and get them to try different things. Bob Rock also made James take singing lessons which James believes saved his voice.

I see why some say Metallica sold out because they changed but, to me it’s the total opposite, they gambled by changing their musical direction, it gave them the chance to reach a wider audience. It would make more sense to say a band like Slayer, AC/DC or Motorhead are sell outs because they make the same sounding album every cycle. It’s a safe bet for sales and fan retention, I get that also, they want to stay relevant in their genre with their fans, not gamble and potentially lose their fan base & their status. But this change worked for Metallica, they became bigger than ever, possibly the largest in their entire career today.

The Black Album flew off shelves and recently it was titled in the USA as the best selling album of the Soundscan era (1991 to present day), surpassing Shania Twains 1997 album. It sold in excess of 20 million albums in the USA, and continues to sell about another million units per year world wide, and world wide it has sold over 30 million units.

Bob Rock worked wonders with Metallica so much so they kept him around until 2003. Between 1990 & 2003 the band released Load & ReLoad, Garage, Inc., which was all covers from various influences to Metallica over the years, especially Motorhead, 3 of their songs feature on the double album. They also recorded a live album the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, which was Jason Newsteads last recorded work with the band. Then in 2003 Metallica released their most controversial album to date titled “St. Anger”

St. Anger, it was the last Metallica album to be produced by Bob Rock it also took the band 2 years to record the album. It’s most known for it’s lack of guitar solo’s (there is not a single one on the album) and Lars Ulrichs infamous tin can snare, which he has received all kinds of backlash, but he simply just laughs at it these days and pokes fun at it. Whilst the album debuted at number 1, it was not a fan favourite. Though it is a favourite of mine. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a good thrash metal album!

Critics gave it a negative view, but some also said if it wasn’t Metallica it would’ve made for a great debut garage thrash metal album. They’re right, if Metallica had not put it out, it would’ve been seen as a master piece. But it was Metallica and they were seen as a bunch of sellouts by 2003.

By then the band was on their third bass player who was ex bassist for Ozzy Osbournes band & Suicidal Tendencies, Robert Trujillo. An exceptional bass player, who has more style and sound like that of later Cliff Burton. Robert is a true fit for Metallica, not that Jason wasn’t a bad pick either.

in 2008 the band released Death Magnetic, with producer Rick Rubin who is known for working with Slayer, Slipknot, Beastie Boys, ZZ Top Aerosmith & The Red Hot Chilli Peppers! The band returned to long 9 minute songs, with guitar solo’s and regained some of their thrash credibility.

Over all I do not think Metallica sold out, they did what they had to, to either survive, adapt or to fuck with people because they’re Metallica, the biggest band in Metal.

Happy New Year people.

Not much is new with me so far, though I did get my new phone! Nothing fancy, tis only an iPhone 4, though, it’s quite awesome I must say. It does everything my old iPhone 3G couldn’t do, which was pretty much everything. Especially Twitter, it now launches Twitter instantly without crashing ten times in a row! I am happy with that, i’m more than happy because I love using Twitter.

Happy New Year

Speaking of Twitter I’ve just passed 19,000 tweets. In the last year i’ve gone from around 6,000 tweets to 19,000 which is amazing. A few times I hit the tweet limit for the day, oops. I just decided to see who my 19,000th tweet went to the girl I met at The Living End in Melbourne, Viola. Ha! At least it wasn’t wasted on some bullshit tweet!

What else… What else… New years resolution? Nah don’t have one, just goals I always have lying about that never seem to get met. Y’know find a job, for some reason the Gold Coast has plenty to spare yet no one wishes to hire you unless you have experience, well smartass how am I meant to get experience if I don’t have a job, answer me that! Other than that, live life to the fullest, etc etc.. Probably get in better shape somewhere along the way too.

I’d like to make more friends this year, especially those who will stick by me and not turn around and tell me to fuck off for no reason and leave me puzzled as to what just happened.

So far i’ve just spent the first week of 2013 playing games I bought in the Steam sales, hanging out with mates and watching Metalocalypse in my spare time. I went to Billy Hyde the other day with my mate Rhett, i’ve now seen what a 16,000 dollar guitar looks like. It wasn’t a Jimmy Page signature, no, it was something better than that, it was a signature guitar by a guitarist who could play, Ace Frehley. Former lead guitarist of KISS. Who was replaced by Tommy Thayer. I bet i’m going to make a lot of friends with that Jimmy Page remake, don’t believe me, go watch any live Led Zeppelin video from back in the day or even Celebration Day, Page butchered songs so often it wasn’t funny.

This year I also want to get back to playing my bass, I think I might purchase Rocksmith when I have the money to get me interested again. But before then I need to get new strings and the neck realigned, and there’s a problem, i’m not sure what strings I even want. I currently have Ernie Ball Hyper Slinky’s on it, but they aren’t exactly ideal for what I play… I’ve been thinking about a set of Steve Harris signatures, but again not sure if they’re ideal for what I play and how I play. I use a pick where Steve uses his fingers in a galloping motion.

Though i’ve been thinking about a set of Dave Ellefson (Megadeth bassist) signature strings.. He plays through the same brand of amp I own, and they sound pretty punchy coming from his Jackson basses. So I think they might be what I am after.

Not really much else to report on for the year so far. Though Duke Nukem Forever is an awesome game I must say, also i’m replaying Grand Theft Auto IV for about the 4th or 5th time. I’ve clocked something stupid 170+ hours according to Steam.

Oh well, that’s all from me. Time to watch more Metalocalypse!

Social Networks

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Ramblings

Social Networks, it’s that thing that a lot of those who frequent the internet use. Some of us love it, some of us hate it some of us are indifferent about it and some of us just don’t understand what’s the point of it.

I fall into the category of loving it (mostly). My first introduction to social networks was Geocities, all the way back in 2003, then it was MySpace a year later, then a few years down the track it was Last.FM & FaceBook, then Twitter & LinkedIn and in 2011 Google+.

Now there’s positives and negatives to all forms of social networks, the positives are;
-Easy to stay in touch with friends & realtives.
-Easy to find that friend you lost touch with or loved one. (If they use the service)
-You can be your true self or someone totally different.
-You can have conversations with new & exciting people.
-You can meet new & exciting people.
-You can keep up with the news easily, especially on Twitter if you follow the right hashtags.
-You can easily share your creations and become noticed as an indie artist, developer or whatever.

Then there’s the negatives;
-Your information isn’t always secure from being stolen. (Just ask LinkedIn & Last.FM about that one.)
-It’s sometimes a little too easy to find people an keep tabs on them (i.e. stalking)
-It’s sometimes too much drama and you either get dragged into it or caused it unintentionally.
-It’s the internet so everyone thinks they’re tough and can bully whoever they like.
-There are people out there willing to pretend/impersonate they’re you just to get to others or whatever.
-It’s sometimes hard to stay anonymous and stay in touch with friends.
-Alias’ aren’t always a good thing to use, especially on a professional site like LinkedIn.

I’m writing this because in the past few weeks i’ve had to make my Twitter private, which is something I have been avoiding simply because it now means I cannot chat with my favourite musicians without them following me (they won’t follow me I know that) or even simply just asking Telstra a question without the need of them having to follow me to see my @ mentions about them. I had to do this because yet again I have a god damn cyber stalker, and it’s not the sort I approve of either. It’s the one where you don’t want them reading your stuff, even though what i’m saying isn’t private, it just creeps me out I know they’re reading my conversations between myself and a certain other person.

And yes this isn’t the first time I have been stalked on the internet, last time it was a crazy woman from New Zealand who turned on me because I became mates with someone who absolutely hated. She still pops up from time to time in my life. Thank fuck she doesn’t know anything more than my first name, otherwise I think I might be in a spot of bother.

It got to a point the other night I contemplated just deactivating my Twitter account and starting fresh. But I then decided against it because A) My Twitter handle is my gaming handle and I wouldn’t know what to change it to & B) I’m in the first 30 million registered Twitter accounts! I think they’re up to something like 600 million Twitter accounts and counting now. So I see that as an achievement!

But I shouldn’t let petty shit like this get to me of someone stalking my Twitter feed and having a go at me expecting a retaliation. It’s not going to happen, i’m not going to come down to your level, you will have to come up to my level if you want that and we all know it probably won’t happen. So whatever then. And the other thing is it’s not like we were ever friends, we never really spoke and you mostly ignored me even when I wished you a happy birthday. I don’t need people like you ruining my life I can do that myself if I wish to!

Anyway, back to social networking. I now might chat a bit about the various networks and such. I love it, I sometimes still wish I never deactivated my MySpace, because that was awesome I learnt to HTML code from that thing! I had a bitching layout and all. Every few months i’d go on a binge and PhotoShop & code up a new layout, i’d spend days getting it right and ignoring ALL my school work while I was at it. It was always good. I wish Facebook had a similar thing going on for profile pages it would make it more fun and personal. I always liked the minimal look for MySpace with no add friend button, because I hated randoms adding me. It was down right annoying!

Last.FM whilst being only for music, it’s a great place, as long as a psycho bitch doesn’t find it and cause havoc for you there! I’ve really nothing more to say about it, not many among my friends know it exists sadly, but I still love it. I’ve had one for almost 7 years I think. Current account i’ve had for 5 years.

Facebook, ah the ultimate time waster. I got one of these pretty much the day I finished High School in 2008, like the last exam of my HSC I decided I needed a Facebook at long last. So I got one, I reconnected with a dear friend who I hadn’t spoken to in about a year and it lead to a much better and closer friendship with her. In that aspect I like Facebook, in others I just hate it, people saying stupid shit and me being me love to point it out/create an argument with them about it, or finding out what someone is really like and then calling an end to the friendship then and there. Facebook, it’s good but it’s also downright evil.

Google+ now everyone seems to hate on Google+ I don’t know why, I really like it. It’s a great social network and mine full of intelligent people, something my Facebook lacks mostly… I got one back when it was beta invite only, it was pretty good back then and has improved a great deal since as well. Sure I don’t leave it open in the background all day everyday like I do with Facebook but I make sure to visit every day or two to make sure I haven’t missed something or whatever.

LinkedIn, got one just this past year to see if it would help my career/job situation. Not really a fan of it, I barely use it, check it every now & then to see what’s happening. Other than that meh!

Twitter, I love Twitter. I am constantly on it, i’ve also started using it A LOT more since I got my iPhone this year, since I am sure that’s what it was designed for the whole 140 character thing and being able to push out micro blogs as you like when out and about. In fact I am on Twitter right now conversing with other mates. I’ve met some amazing people via my friends on Twitter, so much so we’ve taken it to other levels with IM & skyping since we really hit it off. I’ve had Twitter for just over 3 & a half years now and I only have 12,800 Tweets for my efforts. I have some friends who have had Twitter less than a year and have 30,000 Tweets!

So this draws an end to this blog about myself & social networking. As I said I love it, when it executed right. But when done poorly or when the creeps start stalking you then I fucking hate it.

Music In My Life

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Ramblings

It’s no secret to my friends and those around me that I have a deep passion for music. My room is floor to ceiling of posters of bands, I own one of the most iconic bass guitars ever made a Thunderbird, I love reading biographies about musicians and bands, I have over 40 days of music in iTunes (it’s about 120GB of music), I attend concerts when I can afford to, I own plenty of band shirts, but I could always do with more.

So where did my insane love for music start you ask? It was back early in high school, year 8? English I think, I never really paid attention in English I mostly sat there and wasted 50 minutes each day with my mates the teacher gave up on trying to get us to do work since we just didn’t want to. He was a great teacher though. I remember my mate had the new Slipknot album Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses, which was brand new at the time in 2004, and I listened to it and I just had to have it so I went out and bought it and that’s where my love for music all stemmed from, that year I also discovered the bands Green Day & Mötley Crüe, which to this day I still love, from there my taste in music grew faster and it become louder especially when I found bands like Motörhead, Metallica, Slayer and Rammstein. Sure I was listening to bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Eagles & artists like Billy Joel & Meatloaf, because that’s what mum & dad listened to and I still do to this day.

The following year was a time in my life that was dark, and sad, that year I lost both of my Grandparents within a week of each other and I was shy loner at school most days, sure I had friends but I never felt comfortable talking about my personal life with them even though I knew they would care. So my personal escape was music, and it always has been since. For example days I am feeling extremely down and want to be cheered up I put on Apocalyptic Love by Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, Blackbird by Alter Bridge or AB III.5 by Alter Bridge because I feel a significant connection with that music and lyrics, it just puts a smile on my face, though these days I am also likely to talk it out with my friends whom I love dearly. I know I always have 2-3 friends I can just tell things and they understand me and make me feel better, and these are only people I have formed a close relationship with over the last 1-2 years. If they’re reading this you guys know who you are, I don’t need to mention them.

So through out the course of high school I went through several MP3 players including a Sony Walkman (no not the cassette player) I wore them out due to constant use of them during my school days. I really felt it’s what got me through some of the days where I just didn’t want to be there, you say yeah every kid in school was like that, yeah probably. But I just really despised school because it always seem to get me down, I don’t know why it just did, maybe it was the horrible uniform, the teachers that didn’t care for the students like they should’ve, the kids that constantly bullied me or the over enforced rules on some people.

Funnily enough when I left school I probably listened to MORE music every day, I don’t know how I managed that honestly, but I think I did. In high school I also tried the whole band thing with some ‘friends’ it was something I got started but never got a real say in what we did musically, which I hated. No I don’t want to play Papa Roach, they are a horrible radio band, I would rather play Creed, at least the 3 musicians in that band have amazing fucking talent and can write a well structured song. So that lasted all of a few months, we entered school Talent Show & a local battle of the bands, but due to poor organisation and some people not even showing up to rehearse or worse the actual performance, it left a sour taste in my mouth about doing anything like that again. I would like to do the whole band thing again, but with people who I share a very big taste in music with, not one or two bands here and there, because that’s a waste of time in my eyes.

Currently I am listening to the new KISS album titled ‘Monster’ it’s pretty awesome, i’m not the biggest KISS fan ever, but I know all their hits and I enjoy rocking out to them. Unless I am on the phone, skype or talking to someone face to face you can always find me listening to music, it’s been a big part of my life and I can see it continuing to be for many years to come.

I think it’s appropriate to list my top I don’t know, 20? Albums that have had an impact on shaping me to who I am today, so here they are in no real order.

Master Of Puppets – Metallica
American Idiot – Green Day
No Regrets – Dope
Apocalyptic Love – Slash
AB III.5 – Alter Bridge
Fang Bang – Wednesday 13
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses – Slipknot
Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper
No Guts. No Glory. – Airbourne
Beautiful Creatures – Beautiful Creatures
Paranoid – Black Sabbath
In Rock – Deep Purple
Here Come The Brides – Brides Of Destruction
Holy Diver – Dio
Heaven & Hell – Black Sabbath
Reign In Blood – Slayer
Appetite For Destruction – Guns N’ Roses
Too Fast For Love – Mötley Crüe
The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden
State Of Emergency – The Living End

So that’s 20, I have plenty more I could’ve included from bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, The Mayfield Four, Rob Zombie, ZZ Top, RUSH, Skyhooks, AC/DC, Motorhead, Megadeth and so on and so fourth.

So that’s me & music in a nutshell I guess, this last 45 minutes to an hour writing this up has really taken my mind off of the events of today which I am now going to go back to worrying about because I care too much for those close to me. Also I might go have lunch, that sounds like an ace idea now I think about it.


Posted: October 7, 2012 in Ramblings

Can’t sleep, so lying here in bed listening to some Heavy Metal, because with my current mood I doubt i’m going to be able to get to sleep for a while now, and day light saving kicks in, in an hour as well, woo! Also Heavy Metal seemed like a good choice on my iPod tonight, hows the album Reign In Blood by Slayer sound for some bedtime music? Perfect I think!

What’s the matter you ask? The usual for me, people. I don’t get it, how people can be so fucking selfish and only care about themselves? So much so that it reduces me to rage and others to tears (no I do not strike or yell at others in rage, if you do please eliminate yourself from the gene pool at once),  those others being people I give a shit about and try and make myself there for them when they need someone to rely on, why? Because that’s how I was FUCKING RAISED, to look out for others and put friends first.

A lot of the time I don’t really care how I am feeling if someone who is a friend is having a rough time and needs someone to talk to, i’ve found even asking someone how their day was or complimenting them on how they look can really just improve their day, I know it has with me when someone has asked how I was going, it just shows people do care. I always go to the effort to ask how my friends are when I chat to them or compliment my female friends on how pretty they look when they send me a picture of themselves in a dress that looks out of this world on them or when we catch up and they’ve gone to the trouble to look nice in my company.

I don’t know why I expect so much from people when what I am bitching about here is so minor it shouldn’t really matter, right? Or should it, it’s always mattered to me and i’ve felt bad when conversing with someone and haven’t asked how they are today or complimented them on looking pretty. Maybe i’m old fashioned (I got called that the other night based on my values & how i’m always polite) but fuck I like it and I think it’s the right thing, it seems like the right thing to me, you know don’t swear in front of women (I have a few exceptions here some women I know swear worse than sailors, we call them Nurses haha), ladies first, always say please and thank you no matter what, respect your elders, etc.

If I ever have children they will be raised like I was by my parents and my grandparents, taught to share, always use their manners, respect their elders. I am shocked and appalled at how some ‘parents’ are raising their children, now take note how I only said some, because some are top notch parents and I wish to thank them for raising their child the way they have, seriously the world needs more people like you.

I’ve sort of gone off topic since starting this bitch fest, I came in here with a lot on my mind and i’ll be ending with a lot on my mind but that’s just the way I work. But really I ask what sort of person starts a conversation with someone to only talk about themselves and just be so selfish it upsets the other person who in the first place did not even remotely deserve to be shut down/out like that and to top it off being told to shut up when they go to said person with an issue. It makes me physically sick, at times when I have had friends tell me of such experiences it has really upset me because they’re a person who does nothing but give back without expecting anything in return. I am grateful I know these people because I know they’re always there for me when I need a friend even if I hate disrupting them just to spill my problems.

I’ve really gone on about people tonight which makes it sound like I despise people, just to clear this up, I don’t. I love those who are in my life and make it great, they’re some of the best people I could ask for, if they’re reading they know who they are. I would also like to thank them, for I wouldn’t be who I am without their support and friendship.

Just to add to this, yes I am male, yes I have emotions and feelings, I would not be who I am or human without them. If you have a problem with this take it up with yourself because you obviously have issues of expressing who you really are and I feel sorry for you.

and with that I bid you all farewell, whilst I still feel conscious and sane enough ha! I joke. Though the conscious bit is probably accurate, also to go with it I am ending this with the song ‘Angel of Death’ by Slayer, I advise checking it out, Tom Araya opens it with a badass scream and Dave Lombardo has one major fucking kickass double bass break down that goes for about 6 seconds. Really that man can make any drum kit his bitch.

Night everyone.

I saw this on another friends blog and thought it was cool it also gave me insight into them a bit more and made me respect them more.
So here we go.

1. I was born 6 weeks premature, yeah I lived in one of them egg things for a while!

2. When born I was no bigger than the gap between my fathers wrist and elbow, about the size of a normal dinner plate.

3. I have some of the best friends a person could ask for.

4. I own a Thunderbird Bass, 4 string, I use to play. I should really get back into it.

5. It has been just over 7 years since my grandparents passed away, I still feel lost without them.

6. I almost lost my father in 2008 to a stomach bleed, he lost 3/4 of his blood. That really scared me.

7. I took Karate for several years, I stopped only because they wouldn’t grade me to the next belt, jerks!

8. I love muscle cars, especially Chargers & Trans Ams.

9. I have met & spoken to a few famous musicians, Slash being one.

10. I play/ed bass because of two people Nikki Sixx & the late Paul Gray. They have been massive musical influences on me.

11. I own both a MacBook and a ‘high end’ gaming computer. I don’t care for favourites, both do things well.

12. I have lived in Tweed Heads all of my life, I wish to change this sometime soon.

13. For my 21st birthday I had FOUR friends come from over 2,000km’s away to attend my birthday, 2 from Melbourne & 2 from Hamilton, New Zealand.

14. I can’t grow facial hair for shit, it just looks like a mess of orange.

15. I am half Irish, the rest of me is made up of Scottish & English descent.

16. At the age of 18 I almost joined the Air Force for an IT job.

17. Even though I completed my HSC (Higher School Certificate) I had no plans of going to University.

18. I want to become an Audio Engineer and work recording bands live and in the studio.

19. I love film making, even though I don’t do much of it any more.

20. I have no idea when a girl is flirting with me, if I do I have realised after we have parted ways and I hate myself for it.

21. I am blood related to Edward Kelly on my father’s side of the family.

22. I am the only member of my family to have not lived in Melbourne at some point in their life, I plan to rectify this.

23. My family’s name stems from a town that once existed in England.

24. I have 3 bands to thank for the my taste in music today they are, Mötley Crüe, Slipknot & Green Day.

25. I am very shy around new people especially girls, I always wait for them to initiate conversation.

26. I get along better with girls than guys.

27. I hated high school due to the amount I got bullied, and not a single teacher would do anything about it because they never saw it.

28. My second day of high school I was in the deputy’s office for fighting, that wasn’t the last time either.

29. I have been in bands with friends, I hated it, even though I loved performing and love music.

30. My favourite drink is Jack Daniels & ice. Nothing can beat it. Unless it’s a more expensive Whiskey or Whisky.

31. I like to think I can sing, I can’t though unless I drink enough I then sound like Lemmy.

32. I prefer TV shows to movies mostly, because movies ends and I always want more.

33. My favourite video game of all time is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

34. I haven’t been in a relationship or close to one for 5 years, yet I have been close to so many girls over the years people thought we were dating.

35. If you follow my family history back far enough we were Vikings in the early AD/BC years.

36. In high school I loved to rip my jeans and scuff them up, I got paid out for it, a few years later it was the ‘cool thing’

37. I am constantly listening to music, my Last.FM states in the last 5 years I have listened to 134,704 tracks which equates to about 75 tracks per day.

38. I don’t think my life is perfect, but I love it almost the way it is.

39. I think Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are interesting and would join one if I was a different person.

40. I like reality shows that Discovery make, Sons of Guns, Fast N’, Loud, American Chopper.

41. I love motorsport, even if I can’t stand to watch it any more due to how it has been bastardised.

42. I have never flown on a plane.

43. I am terrified of heights, but I love thrill rides.

44. I am an adrenaline junkie.

45. I am also terrified of needles.

46. I have had issues since a teenager with ingrown toe nails, I have lost count how many I have had removed.

47. I was baptised a catholic, but never practised. I don’t care for religion.

48. I changed from a public to a catholic high school at the age of 15, it was the best thing I then started to like high school.

49. I started out learning guitar but gave up for Bass when I thought it was much cooler.

50. I often take cheap shots at myself.

51. Loves cuddling, probably more than I should.

52. I love cooking.

53. I can also do the washing and other household chores. (this surprises a lot for some reason)

54. I can do all sorts of minor things relating to trades around the house (painting, plumbing, plastering, landscaping, automotive maintenance)

55. Still getting over my first true love.

56. I have been electrocuted several times by 240v AC, it sucks.

57. Does not swear in front of ladies, unless they find it acceptable.

58. Wants to learn Russian.

59. Friends always come first.

60. I am a geek/nerd of many things.

61. I can’t really stand drinking soft drink, I mostly drink water.

62. Mixing spirits with soft drink is a sin, even if I do it from time to time.

63. Doesn’t find that much in life funny, it makes me look sour I know.

64. Says ‘lol’ way too much in text based conversation.

65. I once tried to use 1000 free texts that Telstra gave me for a month. I couldn’t get there =(

66. I day dream way too much.

67. I love LEGO, I still have mine from my childhood somewhere around here.

68. Doesn’t smoke, the smell alone makes me retch and feel sick.

69. Can’t draw, but I like to think I can.

70. I love tattoo’s but don’t think they’re for me.

71. Can stay up for hours just talking to friends and not be bored with where we have taken our conversation.

72. Have felt depressed more than I have felt happy in recent times, I am trying to change that though.

73. When I am happy everything just seems right.

74. I have the neighbours from hell.

75. We have had TWO AVO’s (Apprehended Violence Orders or restraining orders) on said neighbours.

76. My identity was fraudulently used by some arseholes I went to school with in a car crash.

77. Would seem to be about the only guy who thought lynx smelt horrible and never used it.

78. Can’t stand materialistic girls.

79. I have stupid hayfever, it’s awful.

80. As a baby I had a severe allergic reaction to bottled spring water.

81. I have probably sent more texts in the last 5 months of owning an iPhone than I have previously.

82. I have a sleeping disorder, despite trying to fix it I can’t seem to.

83. Music means a lot to me, without it I wouldn’t be who I am, I would also be constantly sad.

84. My uncle has played a round of golf with Alice Cooper.

85. Never won a competition in my life.

86. I have only been to 5 concerts 2 were festivals.

87. I loved science in high school, I was mostly top of the class in senior year.

88. That’s some serious shit!

89. On my year 12 jersey I had 30/30-150 printed on the back, which is a Stone Sour song. Since the school wouldn’t let me use my gamertag.

90. I don’t like to have regrets. That just leads to being sad and worrying. I don’t need to worry more.

91. A Clockwork Orange is possibly my most favourite movie ever.

92. My dad use to work in sound effects and trained as a stuntman in his early years.

93. I’m only young but experienced in so many ways, it amazes some people.

94. Doesn’t care what you think about my musical taste, it’s who I am.

95. I have met some of my best friends online and do not regret it.

96. I hate how times flies with chatting with the amazing people in my life.

97. Was up until 2.30am this morning talking to an amazing girl.

98. Has a huge stance against drugs, seen too many friends spiral down because of them.

99. I hate taking photo’s of myself unless it’s with someone else.

100. I am amazed I made it this far, I didn’t think i’d have more than 15 things to write about.