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Been a while since my last post.. (a long time, I found this blog in my “To be completed” pile so who knows how long it has sat there)

This time I thought I would just talk about my top 5 all time bands, I am stealing this in part from a post I saw from Rob Zombie on Facebook the other week. But, instead of it just being 5 bands I mention, I thought I might go a bit deeper into each band and what not.

Seems perfect for a quiet Tuesday night where I’m at home listening to Aussie rockers, Airbourne and drinking cold Aussie ciders (Mercury Draught if you’re wondering)

As I have covered previously music to me is what I live for, I may not create it (I only play Bass) I may not even be involved in its creation process (yet) as a producer, sound engineer or working for a band on tour. No I just thrive for music, good old fashioned Rock N’ Roll, I like to keep it simple, bitchin’ guitars, pounding drums, a bit of bass here and there & aggressive grab your attention clean (for the most part) vocals.

So I guess I will number the bands from 5 and count down to the finale, that being you guessed it number one, or could I include zero, everything & nothing? As Sid Wilson of Slipknot has described himself being the number zero in Slipknot. Though that could be cheating I guess since I would have 6 bands on the list not five..

Number Five.

Alestorm: Now you’re probably thinking, who? Well they’re a wee little Pirate Metal band from Perth, Scotland. They don’t take themselves seriously & just want to have fun. I guess it’s why I am drawn to them, they know how to have fun & metal doesn’t have to be ultra serious. When you have songs like “Fucked With An Anchor” & “Questing Upon The Poop Deck” which is full of euphemism about anal sex, you have to have a sense of humour to listen to them. Hell they even covered In The Navy by The Village People & owned it. Alestorm are the only band on my list I have never seen live, but that’s okay. I’ll get there one day, along with the long list of others bands I want to see.

Number Four.

Iron Maiden: A bunch of English lads who came in on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with the likes of Motörhead, Def Leppard & Diamond head. I’ve been a Maiden fan for a long time, we’re talking 12+ years, for someone my age that is remarkable. I remember when I was first intorduced to them, a friend sent me MP3’s of Aces High, Run To The Hills & 2 Minutes To Midnight over MSN messenger. I loved what I heard, so I set out to obtain the bands discography. Since then I have grown to love Maiden a lot. I especially love their more progressive style they adopted on a lot of songs, like Rime of the Ancient Mariner & their more recent releases. I finally got to see them live in 2016 on their Book of Souls world tour. By far they were one of the best bands I have had the pleasure of seeing live. Especially watching their third guitarist Janick bust his dance moves on stage. Plus I finally got to watch Steve Harris in the flesh, one of my biggest influences when it came to wanting to play bass 10+ years ago.

Number Three.

The Living End: A three piece band from Victoria, Australia, well now they’re technically a four piece with a newly added rhythm guitarist (now they’re back to a three piece as of 2017). I have seen this band live 8 times. Okay, so I saw them 6 times in a row back in December 2012, where each night they played one of their albums back to back. It was simply amazing. I also saw it in their hometown of Melbourne, I blogged about the entire experience. I suggest you go read the blogs, they can be found . I’ve been an actual fan of this band since around their 4th studio album “State of Emergency” which was released in 2006, though I discovered them in 2005 when the singles were coming out. They’re a personal favourite of mine, for many reasons, they’re a band my best friend and I love, I saw them with her 7 times last year at Big Day Out and then the Retrospective Tour in Melbourne. They’re a fun live band, they’re straight up no bullshit Rock N’ Roll, Chris Cheney is a great guy he also plays a mean guitar and he’s a pretty good singer.

Number Two.

Metallica: The kind of thrash from the bay of San Francisco, easily one of if not the biggest band in the metal or music world along side with Black Sabbath. A Metallica show is an amazing experience, you always feel fulfilled afterwards. I know I sure was, but maybe that was because I ended up with a Metallica beach balls & TWO guitar picks (thanks James & Rob, you guys are great) I have loved Metallica ever since I was introduced to them a decade or more ago with the Master of Puppets album. An album which I think defines Thrash Metal perfectly. Some any will disagree with me, but whatever it’s my opinion and I am entitled to such. Who cares what they do music wise, they always put in live where it matters, they also occasionally play their albums in full, which is awesome. Something the die hard fans love. Also their latest album Hardwired… To Self Destruct is phenomenal. Also you can’t deny that Spit Out The Bone is a throwback to their roots.


Number One.

Slipknot: My all time favourite band, a band whose music helped me through some shit times and still do to this day. The band themselves are a huge part of who I feel I am today, I play bass because I was inspired by the late Paul Gray. They were the first band that wasn’t some local act I saw live, it was amazing. They were amazing. I also cherish that moment because it would be the last time that Paul would tour with the band to Australia, so I was very lucky I got to see them at their all time highest point when Paul was alive. Even though I never met him, it sure hit me hard when I found out he had passed away. Since then i’ve managed to see the band again, and again they were amazing. I feel like Slipknot has been the band i’ve related to most out of my favourite bands, sometimes I will go months without listening to them. But when I hear one of their songs I know all the lyrics & can belt them out in time with Corey, not that anyone probably wants that but hey. I’ve also now managed to see them 5 times, which is a good feat since they’ve only toured Australia a handful of times.


Soundwave Brisbane 2014:

Missed Alter Bridge (only caught the last half of Blackbird & the last song Rise Today) but the band sounded tight, way better than when I saw them in 2012.

Richie Sambora was good, but he was shown up by Orianthi when it came to guitar playing, he was still great, but not as great as I was expecting. Richie managed to ruin Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil, to the point where I had no idea what the song was until the chorus. He played some Bon Jovi some solo stuff, was a good mix, he nailed the Bon Jovi stuff vocal wise and put Jon to shame really, and Orianthi sung Living On A Prayer which was just epic, her voice suits it. Saying that I was rather happy I got to see Orianthi tear it up live, the first chance i’ve really had to see her since I discovered her music a few years ago.

ImageOrianthi performing with Richie Sambora & his band.

The Living End, amazing as usual. I was pleased by the reception they got from the crowd, since they had been receiving a lot of hate online since they were announced. Was a good set from them, I was disappointed they didn’t take the chance to play Long Live The Weekend, would’ve been a good closer, not that West End Riot wasn’t a good choice, since it was. Also their version of Jailbreak was great. I think that’s three Soundwaves i’ve been to now that a band has covered AC/DC..

ImageThe Living End

Placebo were good, not a fan, but they were decent live. They were pretty non interactive with the crowd though, singer did a bit here & there but for the most they just played their songs and that was it.

A Day To Remember, were alright, they also have some interesting things for the crowd and such like getting someone to crowd surf and then get someone to crowd surf that person like a surfboard. Also sticking the singer in a giant blow up ball and chucking him into the crowd was cool. They also had rolls of dunny paper thrown into the crowd on their last song, hardcore bands I tell ya. They also tried to start a circle pit but failed I think haha.

ImageThe singer of A Day To Remember & his bubble

Alice In Chains, couldn’t hear DuVall’s vocals at all which was annoying to say the least, otherwise they seemed alright. The worst part however was the crowd especially those deciding to share bodily fluids like blood around the front so at that point I left and the fact people were shoving people for the hell of it like they were attempting to start fights..

Jimmy Eat World, they were alright. Don’t listen to them but they were enjoyable for the 20 or so minutes I watched them.

Green Day; they played 29 songs which included half of Dookie and about the same of American Idiot. They only played for 2 & a half hours so they left the stage at something like 9:35 so that was a kick in the teeth if you ask me since they could’ve played for the other 25 minutes. But you get that, they were good though saying that. They also haven’t changed the structure of their live show over the last 10 years, which isn’t a surprise but I didn’t really expect it to be same sorta thing. Though the t-shirt cannon was rad 😛 never seen a shirt launched 60+ metres in the air and about as far out haha. Also a few audience members got to participate in songs whether it was singing or like the chick who got to play Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover) and then got to keep the guitar (which looked like a Fender Telecaster) that was cool.

ImageTwo bands I wanted to see most I didn’t get to see that being Alter Bridge & Newsted (since they had last minute cancellation but oh well) I also wanted to see Bowling For Soup but I got lazy and decided not to, I probably should’ve gone, I tried to locate the signing tent to go meet them but I ran into my mates and got chatting with them instead lol.

It was no Soundwave 2013 or 2012.. I don’t think anything will top those two for me again unless Metallica headline again or Slipknot/Stone Sour play again..

I hope AJ follows through and ends up having Soundwave made into a 2 day festival in the near future.

So over all I had a good day, even my 12 dollar burger was edible, tasty and actually filling! and I would gladly do it all again next week if I could.