The Value Of Friends

Posted: March 20, 2013 in 2013, , Friends

It’s been a while since my last blog, 2 or more weeks.

It’s been sitting in my mind for a fair while now of just how lucky I am in a certain aspect to know the people I call friends. Especially those I have gotten close to over the years, they know who they are, so I will refrain from mentioning them and the fact I have mentioned them in previous blogs so I don’t feel I need to mention them again.

I always felt like an outcast in school, sure I hung out with people I could relate to, but most of them I never considered friends. There’s all of about 3 that I keep in touch from my school days that I would call friends. But that’s not the point. I always felt more accepted on online communities where I had a passion, which was music and it still is. In fact two of my closest friends I met on music forums, one on an official band forum (Stone Sour) the other two on a fan forum (Green Day)

The friend I met on the Green Day forum, here & I have known each other 7 years now, we’re lucky we live in the same country and only about a 2 hour flight away so it is possible to see each other, in fact she was the friend that had me down in December for The Living End concerts, which is something I will never forget. She & her boyfriend also came to my 21st last year, something which I never expected them to do, but it really made it special having her there. I am extremely grateful to call her my friend, there is only two other people that have done as much for me as she has and who mean the world to me.

The other friend who I also met on the Green Day forum, is someone who I still consider close to me, even if we haven’t spoken much and don’t really keep upto date with each other. She has done some great things for me, she was also present at my 21st, she came over from New Zealand to spend it with me and attend Big Day Out that weekend, it was a great 5 days. I won’t forget them. I’ll never forget her, even if distance is creeping in between us, as much as it sucks. We can always pick up where we left off, like the time apart never existed.

The other friend whom I only met just last year via the Stone Sour forums is also someone who has done a lot for me, she was there for me when I was finding it difficult to reach out to other people, and in return I have been there for her through a recent rough period and I will continue to be, because that’s the kind of friend she is to me a very important one. On top of being a great friend she has also gone to the lengths to send me an awesome gift in the mail, which was a Stone Sour cd, which was lovely of her. I’ve also done the same by sending some TV shows, why? Because She’s my friend and I want my friends to be happy and if they’re happy then I am. I never expect anything in return EVER, well other than a thank you. I just do it to see them smile and know someone appreciates them.

Then there’s my other friend who I met at TAFE, she’s like a big sister to me, i’m an only child so I never had that figure around growing up. But over the last 3 years we’ve known each other it’s been an awesome friendship! We’ve seen the ups & downs of life, but it’s always equalled itself out. We can go months without catching up but when we do it’s like we only saw each other the day before. It’s always a pleasure.

I don’t know if those three friends understand how much they mean to me, but without them I wouldn’t be who I am. Even if one friend I haven’t even known a year she means the most to me for everything she has done for me.

My friends are the greatest people on earth, and they should know that I love them dearly for being who they are to me.

This is from my friend from the Stone Sour forums, sent me their latest album
because she had a spare and no where near me had any copies. Best friend ever.


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