Video Games of 2012

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Max Payne 32012 was a pretty good year for games, and being a gamer myself I played a fair few titles. Most of them had a pretty damn good story that tugged at those strings making you feel bad for the characters or the decisions you made. I also played some titles from 2011 and some dating back to the turn of the century.

Between playing WoW and getting bored of it I decided to replay Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, why? Because I could that’s why! Also because it has one of the best soundtracks EVER in gaming history. It’s the motherfucking 80’s! What’s not to love about Vice City, it’s set in Miami, the story is mostly based off Scarface & Miami Vice, a soundtrack with Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Jackson, The Buggles and many more! Also some of the fashion is quite fine, like those suits!

I got my PC fixed (read I bought new internals and put it together, cause i’m smart as fuck like that!) which meant I was able to play more than World of Warcraft! I was happy, very happy actually! The first game I played on my new PC was L.A. Noire by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar. Let me just say, it’s an amazing game, the atmosphere, the characters, the storylines etc.. I also liked that there were actors from Mad Men playing characters in it.

After L.A. Noire I pushed on to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was amazing. I was sad that I missed out on these quality titles in 2011, but not much I could do with no console and no real gaming computer. I sunk something like 24 hours into the campaign, I was proud with myself for that! The only problem I had with the damn game like everyone else was the boss fights. Like come on the game is all stealthy then it comes to the boss then it’s all give it your all with these massive fucking weapons! Otherwise it’s a great game, with an interesting story.

Following Deus Ex: I played The Ballad of Gay Tony, the last time I played most of it was on my old PC, which died in the middle of my play through, so I thought I had to finish it, given I had finished GTA IV & The Lost & The Damned a year earlier. It was probably the best out of GTA IV series, even if there was more helicopter missions in it, they’re the worst things to control on PC… I also enjoyed the more badass weapons like the AA-12 shotgun, that thign is pure awesomeness!

Spec Ops: The Line

Then around rolled the Steam winter sales, I picked up a few games, Arkham City for 7 bucks being one of them, so that was next on my list! I enjoyed it, but I found Arkham Asylum to be much more intricate and involved game, I think it was just due to the size of Arkham City mostly. Though it was fun playing at Catwoman! I liked it, but I don’t think i’ll replay it anytime soon.

Then my mate bought me Minecraft and he got a server running the mod Tekkit. I was playing that for hours on end every day to build random crap, though I was fixated on replicating the Vercetti mansion from Vice City or if you wish Tony Montanna’s mansion from Scarface. I got there in the end, there I started building other random stuff with my mates, we built nuclear reactors a small town a farm etc..

By now I had resubbed to World of Warcraft awaiting the release of their new expansion Mists of Pandaria.. By the time it rolled around I had been back playing for a month, and let me tell you when my WoW sub is active I ignore all other games. Which is probably a bad thing, since I usually just sit around with it open chatting to friends. The new expansion came out I played it for 2 months until my sub ran out then I got Need for Speed Most Wanted & Far Cry 3, both I have no finished but intend to sometime soon!

I then went to Melbourne for a week so no gaming for me! But when I came back the Steam sales started.. Oh dear, my poor wallet!

My mate first bought me Farming Simulator 2013 (don’t judge it’s fun okay!) I then acquired; Max Payne 3, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, Spec Ops: The Line, CS:GO & Dead Rising 2.

I’ve finished Max Payne 3, amazing game. Working on finishing Spec Ops: The Line, and almost finished Tony Hawk, which reminds me of the days of having a PS1 and playing the shit out of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2!

and that in a nutshell was my gaming for the year.


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