Melbourne, Me & The Living End: Day Seven

Posted: December 25, 2012 in The Living End

Bonus round! Ha, I bet you all thought I was only going to do six blogs revolving around my Melbourne trip, but you’re mistaken! I always had plans to document my seventh day in Melbourne, even if it was very short and uneventful, I still had a good time! I’m currently lying here in bed on Christmas morning 2012 at 00:16am with a Rum & Coke, whilst listening to my iPod!

I never got a chance to speak about the cool merch and the ticket from the shows! I bought one of the tour shirts with the Melbourne dates on the back & I also got a signed tour poster which I shall be framing with the ticket, since it meant so much to me to be there it’s worth framing! Here’s a picture of my loot!

The Living End Merch

So the day started around 8.30 for me, I woke up jumped on the laptop, checked emails, browsed Kotaku, Twitter, Facebook etc.. Chatted to the friends that were awake, then rang dad around 9.30 to get the number of my great aunt & uncle who live only about 90 minutes down the freeway from Point Cook in Maryborough, at this point dad also informs we have the new little pup and I was to come up with a name ha, fat chance dad, fat chance! So we chat for a little bit he informs me he had a very interesting meeting the day before with his mate/business partner and had more to inform me when I returned home later that day.

After hanging up with dad I ring my great aunt & uncle, my great uncle Doug answers, I inform him it is I calling, and funnily enough he says I sound just like my father, I get this a lot on the phone from those who have known my father a long time. We had a good chat, it had been years since I had spoken to either of them and even longer since I had seen them. I then got to speak to my great aunt, Di! She loves me, every year I get a birthday card with money from her, she is awesome! We had a little chat, she wasn’t sure if I was 21 or 22, I informed her I was only 21, but it didn’t matter haha. It was great to catch up, since she is the only one the grandmothers side of dad’s family left that we have communication with.

After that I decided I should pack up and get ready for my flight home that afternoon, I soon after made my way down stairs where Christine was already just chilling. She only had just woken up, she was surprised I had been up since 8.30 or there abouts. We discussed our movements for the day, leave her place about 2pm, since I had checked in the night before I only had to be at the airport an hour early which was awesome!

We had some lunch, Christine’s mum made spag bol for us, which was damn tasty and filling oh god x.x haha. Soon after we had to head off to the airport, I honestly didn’t want to leave this lovely place I had called home the past 6 days, but I had to go home to mum & dad and sadly the humid heat oh how I didn’t want to.. The humidity is terrible, just terrible. I don’t mind the heat though, beats the cold! I say that as I am chilling out in air conditioning ha. At this moment in time I was also browsing my Twitter feed and saw that Orianthi, the lead guitarist for Alice Coopers band posted that she was at Melbourne airport bound for Adelaide, I was all “Nooo, why couldn’t she be there at 2pm when I was!” I would’ve loved to have met her, she’s a killer guitarist and also a very attractive young lady.

Christine & IAt 2 Christine & I set off to the airport, which was Tullamarine, not Avalon. Christine almost got lost since she said she was never sure where to go when in the general area, which was fair enough the place was fucking massive! Christine could only see me to security which was okay, I was upset that I was leaving someone who has been close to me for now 7 years, time flies.. We hugged several times, it seemed Christine didn’t want me to leave either, we then said our goodbyes and promised each other it wouldn’t be almost a year before we saw each other again!

I hopped over to security got my laptop and aerosol cans out and popped them in the tray along with my phone & iPod, cleared security fine, no issues. Unlike Gold Coast where they confiscated my deodorant >=[ which I had just bought the day before haha. I was then subjected to a random explosives check, ha! The bloke asked me if I had any explosive devices, I replied with “I sure hope I don’t” he seemed to get a laugh out of that, thank god. I didn’t want to be whisked off to a room and searched D= I passed with flying colours he thanked me for my full co-operation and all that.

I was then on my way to my boarding gate, I decided to check Facebook and would I believe it my best mate from high school that moved down to Melbourne last year was coming back on the same flight as me, this was amazing news! I really wanted to see him whilst I was down but never got to due to poor management on my behalf, I felt bad because I never got to see my other mate Jack. I literally walked into Jesse when going to the boarding gate!

We sat around chatting and catching up, our plane got delayed twice, which kind of sucked, but I was okay with it since I got more time to chat with Jesse, it was great to see him. I last saw him back in March but we didn’t get much time to hang out, which sucked. But ah well! It was kind of funny though, we both ended up on the same flight, though sadly his reasons for coming back to Tweed were for his grandfathers funeral which was sad. Especially at this time of the year, but it can’t be helped.

The plane ride home was pretty smooth, the promised us turbulence because of the weather, we had no such thing! Though I almost fell asleep several times, something about the flight that did it to me, was weird. When we touched down at Coolangatta I knew I was going to hate stepping off the plane, and I sure as hell did. It felt like I walked into a giant invisible wall. Dad informed me this is what Port Morseby, in Papua New Guinea felt like when he lived there back in the 60’s.. I didn’t feel relieved, considering we’re something like 3,000km south of that..

I was soon home, and got to meet the new pup, catch up with mum & dad and then learnt that the washing machine was dead, god damn it. I needed to do washing! But it’s okay 2 days later I had it fixed (I could’ve let dad but I wanted to) and running like new, because i’m awesome like that. All it was, was a burnt out pump that needed replacing, thankfully. 70 bucks beats 700 bucks for a new washing machine.

and this now concludes my SEVEN part mini series on my trip to Melbourne to see Australia’s hardest working Rock band over six nights performing all six of their albums. I would like to thank everyone who made my time in Melbourne the best thing possible, especially Christine & Daniel, also The Living End, for giving back to us the fans for supporting them all these years. There are only a few bands as dedicated as they are and I am glad I had the opportunity to be there in their home town for those shows.

It was a pleasure writing these blogs, I hope you all enjoyed them, leave a comment if you wish!


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