Melbourne, Me & The Living End: Day Six

Posted: December 24, 2012 in The Living End

It was the final concert and my final full day in the lovely city of Melbourne, a Monday, it was the day mum & dad were picking up our new Kelpie cross Border Collie pup, who we have now named Chilli, here’s a picture for everyone to go “awww” at. Today was Christine’s first day off since I got there, so we planned to go into the city! I was excited cause I just wanted to hang out with her all day since I got there, so we hopped in the car around whatever it was midday and set off to the train station in some town I cannot recall the name of and board the train to Flinders Street.

As per usual our train was delayed (sigh) so we had to wait another 15 minutes or something. Oh well, I could tell Christine wasn’t impressed but sadly it was out of our control =( But soon enough our train arrive and we were on our way to the city! I like the scenery on the way to the city, it’s all industry which I love, a few refineries for natural gas, petrol & diesel, then other relating to farming, milk etc.. There’s also a power station, something I had never seen before. I live relatively close to Brisbane and go there/past/through often, but Brisbane doesn’t have such as much industry, its strange being a capital city and all.

The Living End

We arrive at Flinders Street and Christine wanted to know what I wanted for lunch, me being me responded with “What ever you feel like i’m easy” so Maccas it was she said, I was okay with this. Until I ordered a tasteless burger, oh well never order the crispy chicken & bacon fillet burger, they’re shit! Daniel later informed me of this, wish I had remembered my last encounter with that burger, I was appalled then, still am heh.

After we had lunch we headed on down to Minotaur which Christine wanted to show me! It’s a shop dedicated to comics, gaming and such related merchandise, as I enter I saw Sons of Anarchy merch so I automatically headed towards it hoping I could pick up another shirt, I found a design I liked but alas nothing in my size. I was upset. But I went on looking at other shirts, I soon came across a bunch of music shirts, one being a Motley Crue, Girls, Girls, Girls album cover shirt, again not in my size.. I was most unimpressed. Every shirt I came across was way too small, it sucked! I wanted to buy one =( I looked on their website later that night, turns out they had Metallica Monopoly in store, was lucky I didn’t see that, I would’ve bought it otherwise..

We soon left Minotaur empty-handed, which was a little disappointing, we then headed off to Melbourne Central, where we had a look around, we went to a Typo, where Christine got chatting to the girl at the door who she use to work with out at St Kilda, she seemed like a nice girl. After that we headed towards the station located underneath central, but first we stopped at a bookshop since Christine mentioned she wanted to look in one, I had a browse for some booked I wanted, sadly they didn’t have what I was after, they only had what I already owned =(

So we headed off to the platform for our train, we were apparently meeting Daniel at Newport station so we had to change trains for that, and just our luck the train we want pulls up at the same time as our train was pulling up and they both leave at the same time, was quite frustrating. So that was another 20 minute wait for the train. It finally came and it was another 15 minute journey to Newport where Daniel was waiting for us to take us back to where Christine parked so she could move her car from the four-hour parking.

After that was done we went to this cafe around the corner, where we got some food and just chilled and chatted, it was nice to just sit back and relax in a relatively alright place. Not long before we left dad rang to check in with me and wanted to give me my great aunts number but I told him i’d call back the next morning to get it off him, since I said I would ring her & the great-uncle whilst I was down in Victoria where they live.

So after we had sat around doing nothing for about 2 hours we decided to head off, we were off to a birthday party at a friend of Daniels, they call him Betty for some odd reason, but his normal name was Anthony. All the others I met the previous two nights I had been out with Daniel & Christine were there, they were all happy to see me. I got a hug from Louise and that’s when I realised how tall she actually is. For reference i’m about 5’10″/5’1″1 she would have to be about 6’1″ it was daunting man! haha.

I felt very welcomed at his place, his mum & dad were lovely people and the food was awesome (they’re an Italian family so we had heeeeaps of food) we hung around until a little after 8.30 when we had to jet off before we were late for the show! We got there and scored THE BEST PARK of the week, 20 metres from the entrance of the club, it was amazing. We were so happy!

At this point I had been tweeting with the awesome Miss Viola most of the day, she is young lady I had befriended on Twitter, i’m sure you guys remember her from my previous blogs? Well she was insisting I come meet her at tonight’s show, and I was not going to miss out on this opportunity! So I said she could count on it and she said let her know when I arrived!

The Living EndWe made it early this time! We caught the end of the support act Area 7 and we then played the waiting game, tonight was the last show of the Retrospective Tour for me sadly. It was the album The Living End, the album where it all started for this band, their most known album to date, with songs like Second Solution, Prisoner of Society, West End Riot & All Torn Down. I was extremely excited to hear this album live, about as excited I was for State of Emergency.

I let Viola know I was there and she came over to the bar where I was and we chatted for a good 5-10 minutes, I was amazed we could hear each other over the music the DJ was playing, she looked glad I made the effort to come say hi! I was also happy I got to meet her! I also got several hugs which are always welcomed and awesome (she totally gives awesome hugs by the way) we soon had to part ways to get back to our respective spots in the pit. It was depressing I didn’t get to meet her before the last day but I was also glad I got the chance!

The last song of the night played from the DJ which was Bohemian Rhapsody, after that ended on came the nightly recap video of the albums year, this time it featured the tragedy at Thredbo in 1997 and other things that happened that year, it also featured a very young Living End being interviewed at what looked like Big Day Out on The Gold Coast, since it looked like the Gold Coast show grounds.

The band came out to Prisoner of Society which the crowd went nuts for! But after West End Riot they all seemed to die down and not be as energetic which sucked because a) it was The Living End & b) it was the last show many there would be attending on this tour! I was having a blast, like wise was the guy next to me who some how managed to get a killer spot a head of me, but he was a legend he let me have his spot later when he was getting out, so if you’re reading this thanks for that awesome spot dude with the tribal tat & southern cross tat, I won’t judge because of your generosity!

The night closed on Closing In, an excellent song live I must say. Upon leaving the venue I tossed up buying another shirt but decided against it due to the length of the line! I also passed Viola leaving, but she was busy chatting to someone so I didn’t get to say bye, but oh well!

We decided to pop back to Anthony’s and give Daniel a lift home even if he only lived around the corner, Christine just wanted an excuse to see him, adorable, right? So we hung out there for a bit whilst they were watching the NFL, Brian and I discussed how shit it was and didn’t get what was so amazing about it and would rather watch the women play NFL in lingerie.. Cause y’know that is actually decent to watch.

We left a little before 1am or so, it was a great night. It was also a great week. I quite upset I would be leaving the next day, I had made some awesome friends and felt right at home in a foreign state 2,000km’s away from the state & house I spent my entire life in. Before this trip the furthest I had been from home over night was out to Leyburn and that was only 300km’s from home. It was nothing in comparison!

Tomorrow I will be doing one final blog on my last day in Melbourne, even though it has nothing to do with The Living End, I feel like I should blog about it! These last 6 blogs have been a great time for me to reflect on my time away and just how lucky I am to have such a friend like Christine, she is worthy of so much. I can’t thank her, Daniel & her parents Ray & Ann enough for their amazing hospitality whilst I was down there.

  1. Rhett says:

    Glad you had a sweet time, brosephine!!

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