Melbourne, Me & The Living End: Day Four

Posted: December 22, 2012 in The Living End

It was a Saturday morning, relatively sunny at Point Cook, but apparently not so much in the city according to my Melbourne friends on Twitter who apologised for the horrible weather. I didn’t understand, the weather was great, it wasn’t hot, it wasn’t humid it was perfect! Today’s agenda was I would be meeting up with about a dozen friends in Fed Square in front of the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and we would go out for Japanese down on Swanston street! I was excited by this, I was getting to meet new people, even though i’d known them going on about a year from the interwebs! We all met on a gaming site and all that jazz.

So today was my first adventure alone into the city via the train using the infamous Myki. First off it needed to be topped up with funds so I could utilise the public transport, that was easy enough it turned out! Christine did it all for me though and as we finished topping it up the train arrive and she literally pushed me on to it, thankfully she did that otherwise I might’ve missed it haha. Turns out trains stick around for all of 30 seconds if it’s not a major stop I found out. So I hopped on and started my 40 minute journey to Flinders street station! I texted my friend Renee who was organising our meet up that I would be there about 11 since the train was running on time which was amazing! Though Renee said she would expect me at 10 past, she was kind of right.

The Living End

I got out of Flinders street at about 5 past the hour and headed across the street to Fed Square where the ACMI building was, though I sort of got lost then I saw where the building was and went inside for a look/see if my friends were in there, they weren’t but I did like that place, I am so going back there next time I am in Melbourne for a better look! I got a call from Renee stating she was outside at the Chocolate Buddha. So I wandered back outside and I am looking for a massive statue of a chocolate coloured Buddha, not an establishment named that. But I spotted the rest of the group, well more so they spotted me so went over to them and informed them where I was told to meet Renee, none of them had any idea of what or where this Chocolate Buddha was until someone looked over and saw her & Steve literally standing next to the entrance of ACMI in front of the Chocolate Buddha restaurant or whatever it was.

We made our way over there and had a laugh at my stupidity since I walked past them THREE times and I should’ve known it was them. But alas I did not. Anyway we decided to go for a drink first, we initially were going to go to the beer gardens but they were closed sadly, but the place next to ACMI (not Chocolate Buddha) was not closed! So we went in there and got comfortable whilst waiting for some other friends to show up before we headed off for lunch! So a few of us had a beer or two and we all got chatting about any and everything, games were most of the discussion topic.

After everyone got here we decided to set off to Yoyogi’s Japanese restaurant down on Swanston St, it was about a 10 minute walk I think. The time passed quickly enough since we were all chatting and having a good time. We got to restaurant and we were lead upstairs we were the first there, score the place to ourselves for the moment! So we all ordered food, everyone but Troy ordered something with Miso Soup so he missed out because he ordered Ramen! HA! Serves him right, so first up our Miso Soup arrived and Joel managed to spill his EVERYWHERE, laughs were had by all. Then our main meals started arrived, I ordered the deep fried ibis chicken, it was pretty good. I also some how remembered how to use chopsticks since it had been something like 10 years since I last used a pair!

Retrospective TourAfter we finished our lunch, Renee brought out mini cakes she made & decorated for her birthday which was the following week on the 20th, they were tasty and with blue icing! So much sugar though, I should know better haha. So we sat around chatting for a bit for another half hour or whatever, and apparently we offended some people by talking about Dead or Alive with it’s jiggle physics.. Hey not our fault the developers call their engine jiggle physics for the characters boobs. But eh, that’s their fault for being offended/eves dropping on our conversations! We were a bit more vocal when we noticed though because why not.

We soon headed off and decided to check out Mind Games just up the road, talk about expensive place to buy board games! But they had some cool stuff I will admit, just they weren’t getting any money out of me! Then we decided to go to EB Games on Swanston street, i’ve never been to a multi level EB Games before, though this one level 2 was dedicated to ‘Nintendoland’ had all this history on Nintendo and such, a few Wii’s on display to play with, a heap of 3DS’s to play with and one WiiU on display for playing with. Was cool, but it wasn’t for me, i’m not a fan of Nintendo never have been, i’m a Sony kid. There you have it!

Once we were done there we all said our goodbyes to those who were not coming back to Flinders Street to catch the train, it was Tom, Troy & Zac who were not coming with us. So the rest of us headed back down to Flinders Street to see which train to catch, me being a total noob at the Melbourne train system I decide to ring Daniel and ask him what the fuck do I do, he informs me to catch the Newport train and he’ll meet me there, I take note and go with Steve & Renee who were thankfully catching the same train, since they were going to Footscray!

I get to Newport and let Daniel know i’ve arrived, no response must be driving all good with me I don’t want him breaking the road rules! He rings me back, I some how don’t hear it and miss the call, manage to ring him back and find out where he is, turns out he was literally watching me he got a good laugh out of that! So we were apparently off to Highpoint or ‘KnifePoint’ as some of the locals call it. We wandered around from shop to shop looking for potential presents for people, I thought Robina Town Shopping centre was massive, I was wrong.. This place was 3 storeys with a Myer & I think a David Jones? Sure Robina has both of those, but it’s only 2 levels. Though Highpoint didn’t have an Apple store Robina does, not that it matters or the fact I like Apple products that much.

So we continued wandering around went to JB HiFi, Myer, Gametraders & the Victorian version of What’s New? They had some awesome stuff for sale, replica movie guns other cool stuff. I wanted the giant Alien statue they had out front. It was pretty badass. I saw a ZZ Top Zippo lighter for sale but couldn’t justify 45 bucks for it, as nice as it was with the Eliminator hot rod on it but I couldn’t part with that much for a lighter.

Time flew by before Daniel realised it was 6 and he had to get back home to drop his sister and her boyfriend off at a Christmas party out in the docks. To me it sounded dodgy, but the docks didn’t look remotely dodgy I was quite let down actually! After dropping his sister & her boyfriend off we went to the bottle-o to find booze for the evening! BWS had Castaway on special so a carton of that and some other ciders and Daniel suggested I try this beer by Sail & Anchor called Dry Dock, same mob who make Castaway.

We then headed back to Christines since she was home from work! She was again tired as all hell, the poor girl and she had to stay awake until 1am at least again, I felt sorry for her I really did. But she soldiered on! We were off to a birthday part of one of their friends, same lot I met the night before so I was cool with this! We rocked up and apparently it was pizza from a local joint, it was pretty good pizza, best take away pizza I have had in ages. I would have it again if I could! Sadly Christine & I could not stay long because we had our 4th concert in a row to get to!

The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating So Christine & I head off to the city to see night number four of The Living End, tonight they’re playing their latest album ‘The Ending Is Just the Beginning Repeating’ which Christine did not have on CD, so I had to rectify this when I was in JB Hi-Fi today and buy her a copy! She was surprised and happy I did that! I was really excited to hear this album live, because it rekindled my love for them as I wasn’t a massive fan of White Noise, but hearing it live changed my opinion anyway!

It was perfect live, they sounded almost like the album but only better! I wish more bands sounded this well rehearsed live, Steel Panther & Alter Bridge are two that come to mind in terms of new bands and Iron Maiden in terms of the bands that built up the genre. But wow, from song one In The Morning to song eleven The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating they sounded A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would see them in a heartbeat again given the chance! I was so glad they had been filming every night so far, I am hoping we’ll see a full dvd of a concert or a DVD high lighting the 6 nights, either way I can’t wait!

For a Saturday the crowd was very tame and quiet, it was kind of lame, but also appreciated after what they were like the night before!

Join me tomorrow for day five of my Melbourne adventure to see The Living End live over six nights!


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