Melbourne, Me & The Living End: Day Three

Posted: December 21, 2012 in The Living End

It was day three of my stay in Melbourne, it was a Friday, it was raining, but it was comfortable not humid and gross like the Gold Coast gets in summer when it rains. The plans for today were unknown to me until I went down stairs and chatted with Christine who informed me I would be meeting Daniel at his place of employment around 2 and I get to hang with him until Christine finished her shift. Which was 4 hours or something! (I really don’t remember the fine details)

The Living End

So my day was pretty uneventful until we left to go Daniel’s work. He decided to knock off half an hour early so I wasn’t waiting around until 2pm which was pretty cool of him, I guess he can do that as a manager or something. So we headed to his car then went to his place, I got to meet his mother & his 2nd youngest brother (Daniel is the youngest of 6, 4 bothers & a sister) me & him chatted he was playing Heroes of Newearth, i’ve got no knowledge about MOBA style games, they just go over my head. Even though I have played some DOTA2 in my past, but not enough to understand any of them. At first I thought he was playing Diablo III because of all the damn clicking!

Soon after Daniel was ready to jet off to somewhere else we went to Yarraville to see Skyfall, we were out of luck the projector was not working, total bummer! So we popped down to a local cafe for a drink and Daniel got some food, a chicken burger, it looks pretty badass! We then decided to pop back down to the cinemas around showtime for the movie since the bloke said it might be working, it was not. So we then just went back to Daniel’s and chilled he showed me Xcom, not a bad game, but I don’t think it was for me. I also found out he had Steam to I instructed him in how it worked since he had no idea, I also added myself to his friends list!

So around came whatever time I think it was 6 or something and Christine was home after her 5 hour shift, she looked dead when we arrived back at hers. I felt bad that she had to go to a concert that night but she was excited! So it was all good. Also turns out I was joining Christine & Daniel that night with their friends in town for dinner at some Indian place. I nodded and just went along with whatever I was told by them, I was happy to go out and meet new people, so we went to the place in question it has a chilli in its name Priya it was called. They did pretty decent food, I decided to opt for chilli & garlic prawns with safron rice & cheese naan bread, it was all tasty, but I didn’t expect it to be as spicy as it was. I should know better with a culture that loves spice to expect food to be exactly that spicy, as all hell! It also surprised me it was all reasonably priced, I just guess I am use to these stupid tourist prices on the Gold Coast for inferior food. I also hadn’t had Indian in a while, last time I went to an Indian restaurant here on the Gold Coast it was a totally negative experience. But I can recommend that place!

Modern ArtillerySo around rolled 9.30 and Christine & I had to get going because The Living End were on at 11 that night, tonight’s album was Modern Artillery, it was the 2nd album by The Living End that I had owned. So I thought I was well acquainted with the album, I was not it turned out. I could only recall about 5 songs of the 14 which sucked. Because it’s a great album even if it is considered one of their weakest. We got there this time a few songs before the intro video started! We found our way through the tightly packed club, tonight was easily the busiest night being a Friday night end of the working week for a lot i’m sure a lot of people just wanted to get drunk and have a good time and forget about their week and focus on seeing one of their favourite bands live!

We found ourselves back on Scott’s side of the stage again, but a bit further back this time. That was okay we were still under the nice aircon (this was important in my opinion haha) tonight the crowd was rough as all hell, I kept seeing the same 5 idiots get yanked out of the pit for crowd surfing and they just happened to barge past Christine every time when being ejected for it with out a care in the world and another friend who was there (Viola remember I mentioned her in blog day one?) was telling me she got smacked around something severe from the crowd surfers (got kicked THREE times by them?!) and had to sit out. She got quite a nasty bruise from it all too. I had to laugh at one crowd surfer that I saw though, he got dropped by the crowd and landed testicles first on the barrier, security just stood there laughing at him for a split second, I thought he deserved that for being a dickhead. Meanwhile I had some fat, middle aged balding drunk bloke try & make best friends with me, hanging off me and all this shit during the show, I felt like having a go at him because he would not quit, but I just rolled with it, he gave up eventually when his missus came back.

The night ended with The Room, Christine’s FAVOURITE song she was most excited to hear this live like I was for Long Live The Weekend. Just it was ruined by some morons in front pushing her around along with the dickhead crowdsurfers running past and pushing her and blocking her view (she’s only about 5 foot 2) which ruined it for her and I was not impressed one little bit. But that’s just me being me, I wanted to make sure she was having an amazing time and that she was safe, those were my top priorities.

So the night ended and we started out 10 minute walk back to the car, oh why could we only find a park that far away =(!

Overall it was a good night apart from the idiotic people.

Join me tomorrow for day four of my Melbourne adventure to see The Living End live over six nights.


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