Melbourne, Me & The Living End: Day Two

Posted: December 20, 2012 in The Living End

It was day number two of my stay in Melbourne, well I was staying out at Point Cook, but that was irrelevant! I had a pretty good nights sleep despite me being 2,000km’s away from friends, family & my own bed, I seem to think I get a better sleep at other peoples places than at home. It’s weird, I wake up earlier and feel refreshed, where as I wake up at home later and feel shit mostly. But enough about my sleep patterns which I am sure none of you wish to know about, unless someone is composing a book on me, which would be creepy…

So the second day in a foreign state, Christine had work, Daniel was at work until 2pm, and I didn’t have anything to do… Christine suggested I come to work with her & Daniel can come hang out with me after he finishes work, I said sure sounds good to me and i’d only be waiting around the shopping centre for an hour waiting for Daniel, or so I thought.. So we got to Watergardens and I got my first look at what a Typo store actually is, fucking small it what they are haha. It was all too hipster/fancy for bogan old me. Though I was partial to the stuff that was black with skulls on it haha.

The Living End

So I then set off wandering around Watergardens shopping centre going to JB Hi-Fi, Sanity, Collins Bookshop, various other shops that tweaked my fancy, so I wander around for an hour or two and notice the time and I wonder where Daniel is since Christine said he would pop down and he & I could hang out etc. So I pop back to Christine’s work and ask her about Daniel she said to give him a call I say excellent idea I had not thought of that. So I go outside and ring him turns out he has no idea how to get to Watergardens and apparently Christine knows this haha. I tell him it’s alright and that i’ll catch up with him later.

After that I decided to pop across the road to Bunnings and buy ear plugs since it was too distorted for me the first night thanks to my shit house hearing, but don’t tell my dad I said that we argue enough about my hearing as it is heh. So wandering around still killing time until Christine finished her shift I ended up at the pet store, officeworks, Harvey Norman & Dan Murphy’s.  At this point it actually decided to rain and it was heavy rain but scarce, so I assumed it attempted to be hail but failed on the way down. It was a nice little cool down to the warmish weather that was present before hand.

I then gradually made my way back to the shopping centre, to chill out in the food court whilst waiting out the last half hour of Christine’s shift, around rolled 5pm and I wandered back over to Christine’s work and informed how Daniel claimed he had no idea how to get here and she proceeded to say he was useless with directions haha. We then headed home to unwind & have dinner before the show, tonight’s meal was chilli con carne! I love Mexican food, especially home made, it always tastes awesome. According to Christine it was ‘too spicy’ I beg to differ it was just right! It built up a nice sweat and all and the beer I was having with it went nicely.

State of Emergency

Around rolled 9pm and Christine was doing a bit of study and we kind of lost track of time and before we knew it, it was 9.15 and we were rushing out the door to get there in time! Tonight’s album was State of Emergency, their 2006 album, the album which is responsible for me being at these sets of shows. State of Emergency was the first album by The Living End I ever owned and heard in in full, I hold that album close to me for reasons which are probably silly to others but not to me. It also happens to be the album where Christine started to notice the band too, we were 14/15 when that album came out. I’ve also been to Studio 301 in Byron Bay where it was recorded since it’s kind of just down the road from me (okay so like a 40 minute drive but still!) Also I was contemplating on doing a Bachelor of Audio Engineering at the attached college at Studio 301 (that being SAE), but it was something I never got around to.

So we arrived just as Bohemian Rhapsody was starting, we went and found our place on Scott’s side of the stage under the aircon again and sung along with the crowd. Then the nights intro video played, i’ve actually forgotten what was the main focus of the video, but oh well. I had such a thrill, though I was upset I couldn’t get into the pit to get in on it, I don’t think my foot or back could take it, stupid me and injuring myself in the past and causing such things. But I still had an amazing time, I finally got to hear Long Live The Weekend live which I have wanted to hear live since I heard it on the album.

It’s funny I first saw The Living End this year at Big Day Out (I actually bought a ticket just to see them & Tony Hawk) and I have now seen them 7 times in one year. If you asked me at the start of the year if I would see The Living End 7 times this year, 6 of those times being each of their album live I would’ve told you no way, it would never happen. But I have been proved wrong. I am glad I was proved wrong because it was an amazing experience, I know I keep saying this but it really was.

Join me tomorrow for day three of my Melbourne adventure to see The Living End live over six nights.


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