Melbourne, Me & The Living End: Day One

Posted: December 19, 2012 in The Living End

Just this past week I went to Melbourne for 6 concerts over 6 nights, some friends thought I was nuts some even said to me “You do know that The Living End are doing the same up here in Brisbane?” I replied with “Yeah I know, but firstly it’s not Melbourne where the band is from & secondly I was invited down by my friend who had a ticket and all for me and she really wants me to go.” I honestly cannot say no to this girl, she’s been a best friend of mine for 7 years. This past year her & her boyfriend (who barely knows me) have done more than they should’ve for me, from coming UP for my 21st and spoiling me with awesome gifts and then coming to Big Day Out with me the following weekend, to the last week having me down there and making sure I was having the best time ever.

I should also come clean that my friend paid for my ticket AND my flight down and back, she wouldn’t even take some money for anything (parking fuel etc) from me, though she eventually let me buy her a drink at the venue & the only album by The Living End she didn’t have!

The Living End

So day 1 December the 12th, the world is meant to end in 10 days from this point (apparently, but who can believe a society that couldn’t even predict their own demise) so it was just another summer day here on the Gold Coast, (it’s either over cast and going to rain like a mother fucker whilst being humid, or it’s hot as all fuck and humid) that day it was overcast and humid as all fuck. So I got up got ready made my way to the airport about an hour before my flight, now this was my first time on a plane, I found it relatively easy to find my way to the boarding gate at Coolangatta, having checked in at home really helped as well! So hopped on the plane come 9.30am DST and I was seated in the middle 10B from memory with Jetstar on an A320. I was between a bloke in his early 30’s with his kid who was maybe a year old I think & a quite attractive blonde chick. Myself & the bloke hit it off, he was really cool and happy to chat, even though he just got off a NINE hour flight from Tokyo to Gold Coast with his son. Despite it being my first time flying and people said i’d find it frightening or whatever, I really enjoyed it apart from the very below average seats!

So I get to Melbourne walk off the plane and into the terminal at boarding gate 27 and there’s Christine all happy and excited with a massive grin on her face! The poor girl explained she had JUST gotten off work about half an hour before hand and was freaking out that my plane had already landed and I would be waiting around for her, well she was wrong because my plane was delayed half an hour! She then proceeded to go on how she was stressing because my phone was off, at that point I turn my phone on 4 missed calls & two text messages from her. Anyway we met up and then head off to find her car, and conveniently she forgot where it was parked and me having no idea what kind of car it is I was totally useless! But we found the car and then proceeded to head out of our paid parking, and off to her house!

The Living End Retrospective TourSo we arrive at Christine’s house and I am greeted by her two pomeranians Tasha & Bella, yappy and excited little things because it’s someone new! I am then introduced to her mother who is folding up washing and giving Christine a hard time (this is a thing they give each other shit constantly as a bit of fun) I introduce myself and we had a little chat, then Christine shows me up stairs where i’m staying, turns out it was her brothers room because he was on holiday on the Gold Coast, so I had to make the joke she swapped me for him. I got a laugh out of that knowing she doesn’t always like him, but typical brother sister things I gather.

We decided to just hang out at Christine’s place for the day since she was majorly exhausted from working that morning and getting to bed at 3am the previous night. I was cool with that, they have Foxtel so I got to experience watching some shows i’ve never watched before and before too long Daniel showed up and I got to catch up with him which was awesome, we continued watching the box, this time Sons of Anarchy came on and I felt at home watching that due to the huge fan of the show that I am.

So the evening rolled around and Daniel had to go to his class, some kind of fitness class, and then Christine’s mother made a very awesome & tasty spaghetti bolognese for us! She wasn’t expecting us to be there for dinner but with Christine feeling so damned tired it wasn’t fair on her for us to go out into the city for food, her mum was cool with it though, and she’s an awesome cook! I felt at home with the food she cooked for us when we were for dinner.

So after dinner we sat around for a bit more I chatted with her dad who is also a really nice bloke, both her parents seemed to really like having me there. Which was great, I was hoping they would like me! Then rolled around 8pm and we decided to head in early for the show so we got ready and left about 8.30, and searched for parking for about 20 minutes which sucked! But we eventually found a place about a 3 minute walk from The Corner Hotel. We decided to get a drink in the beer garden before going down stairs for the show (remember how I said Christine let me buy her a drink, this was the only time she let me spend money on her) I got a Jack & Coke and Christine got a lemon lime & bitters because she isn’t a fan of alcohol which is fair enough in my books. I kinda wish I just got a Jack on the rocks, forgot how much coke makes me want to pee and the fact it makes me thirstier..

So we drank our drinks and headed down just as the last support band for the night was finishing up and the DJ was play music, all I recall was he played Enter Sandman by Metallica which was awesome, but no one got into it which made me sad, I stood there thinking “What is wrong with you all?! This is METALLICA the band that pioneered Thrash Metal and is the biggest metal band in the world!!!” but the crowd redeemed itself when Queen came on and they all sung to Bohemian Rhapsody after the song ended we had a video play relating to the album which was being played that night and the first night was White Noise, so the video related to events from 2008 & 2009, being Obama being elected, the Victorian bush fires and a few other things that I do not recall.

White Noise

So the band came on and everyone lost it! Christine & I got an AMAZING SPOT right underneath the aircon made the night which was warm and humid so much nicer! White noise whilst not being my favourite TLE album, I loved it so much more hearing live it really changed my perspective of it! They have been called Australia’s hardest working band, I am going to agree 120% with that statement. For The Living End to go and do this tour for us, The Fans is really fucking awesome, it’s rare you will find a band playing ALL their albums live, usually it’s just play an album in it’s entirety because it’s it’s 10 year or 20 year anniversary of it’s release, like Metallica, Motley Crue & Megadeth have all done in recent times.

And to top off the first night there I thought I saw a girl I know from YouTube/Twitter called Viola, I went on a whim and tweeted her asking if she was there, and by dumb luck it was her, but turns out I spotted her doppelganger and not her, she was wearing neon green glasses and not the black ones like I had seen in the YouTube videos she does with the bloke I sub to. But she was all keen to meet up with me and all one of the following nights of the tour.

After the concert Christine & I made our way home and then promptly passed out. I was exhausted from being away at 6.30 after going to bed at 2am that morning and flying down to a foreign state and Christine was exhausted from going to bed late as well as working that morning for 3 or 4 hours which had to suck for her.

I have plans to do another 5 entires revolving around each day I was in Melbourne and each concert and what mischief I got upto and who I met up with etc..


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