Social Networks

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Ramblings

Social Networks, it’s that thing that a lot of those who frequent the internet use. Some of us love it, some of us hate it some of us are indifferent about it and some of us just don’t understand what’s the point of it.

I fall into the category of loving it (mostly). My first introduction to social networks was Geocities, all the way back in 2003, then it was MySpace a year later, then a few years down the track it was Last.FM & FaceBook, then Twitter & LinkedIn and in 2011 Google+.

Now there’s positives and negatives to all forms of social networks, the positives are;
-Easy to stay in touch with friends & realtives.
-Easy to find that friend you lost touch with or loved one. (If they use the service)
-You can be your true self or someone totally different.
-You can have conversations with new & exciting people.
-You can meet new & exciting people.
-You can keep up with the news easily, especially on Twitter if you follow the right hashtags.
-You can easily share your creations and become noticed as an indie artist, developer or whatever.

Then there’s the negatives;
-Your information isn’t always secure from being stolen. (Just ask LinkedIn & Last.FM about that one.)
-It’s sometimes a little too easy to find people an keep tabs on them (i.e. stalking)
-It’s sometimes too much drama and you either get dragged into it or caused it unintentionally.
-It’s the internet so everyone thinks they’re tough and can bully whoever they like.
-There are people out there willing to pretend/impersonate they’re you just to get to others or whatever.
-It’s sometimes hard to stay anonymous and stay in touch with friends.
-Alias’ aren’t always a good thing to use, especially on a professional site like LinkedIn.

I’m writing this because in the past few weeks i’ve had to make my Twitter private, which is something I have been avoiding simply because it now means I cannot chat with my favourite musicians without them following me (they won’t follow me I know that) or even simply just asking Telstra a question without the need of them having to follow me to see my @ mentions about them. I had to do this because yet again I have a god damn cyber stalker, and it’s not the sort I approve of either. It’s the one where you don’t want them reading your stuff, even though what i’m saying isn’t private, it just creeps me out I know they’re reading my conversations between myself and a certain other person.

And yes this isn’t the first time I have been stalked on the internet, last time it was a crazy woman from New Zealand who turned on me because I became mates with someone who absolutely hated. She still pops up from time to time in my life. Thank fuck she doesn’t know anything more than my first name, otherwise I think I might be in a spot of bother.

It got to a point the other night I contemplated just deactivating my Twitter account and starting fresh. But I then decided against it because A) My Twitter handle is my gaming handle and I wouldn’t know what to change it to & B) I’m in the first 30 million registered Twitter accounts! I think they’re up to something like 600 million Twitter accounts and counting now. So I see that as an achievement!

But I shouldn’t let petty shit like this get to me of someone stalking my Twitter feed and having a go at me expecting a retaliation. It’s not going to happen, i’m not going to come down to your level, you will have to come up to my level if you want that and we all know it probably won’t happen. So whatever then. And the other thing is it’s not like we were ever friends, we never really spoke and you mostly ignored me even when I wished you a happy birthday. I don’t need people like you ruining my life I can do that myself if I wish to!

Anyway, back to social networking. I now might chat a bit about the various networks and such. I love it, I sometimes still wish I never deactivated my MySpace, because that was awesome I learnt to HTML code from that thing! I had a bitching layout and all. Every few months i’d go on a binge and PhotoShop & code up a new layout, i’d spend days getting it right and ignoring ALL my school work while I was at it. It was always good. I wish Facebook had a similar thing going on for profile pages it would make it more fun and personal. I always liked the minimal look for MySpace with no add friend button, because I hated randoms adding me. It was down right annoying!

Last.FM whilst being only for music, it’s a great place, as long as a psycho bitch doesn’t find it and cause havoc for you there! I’ve really nothing more to say about it, not many among my friends know it exists sadly, but I still love it. I’ve had one for almost 7 years I think. Current account i’ve had for 5 years.

Facebook, ah the ultimate time waster. I got one of these pretty much the day I finished High School in 2008, like the last exam of my HSC I decided I needed a Facebook at long last. So I got one, I reconnected with a dear friend who I hadn’t spoken to in about a year and it lead to a much better and closer friendship with her. In that aspect I like Facebook, in others I just hate it, people saying stupid shit and me being me love to point it out/create an argument with them about it, or finding out what someone is really like and then calling an end to the friendship then and there. Facebook, it’s good but it’s also downright evil.

Google+ now everyone seems to hate on Google+ I don’t know why, I really like it. It’s a great social network and mine full of intelligent people, something my Facebook lacks mostly… I got one back when it was beta invite only, it was pretty good back then and has improved a great deal since as well. Sure I don’t leave it open in the background all day everyday like I do with Facebook but I make sure to visit every day or two to make sure I haven’t missed something or whatever.

LinkedIn, got one just this past year to see if it would help my career/job situation. Not really a fan of it, I barely use it, check it every now & then to see what’s happening. Other than that meh!

Twitter, I love Twitter. I am constantly on it, i’ve also started using it A LOT more since I got my iPhone this year, since I am sure that’s what it was designed for the whole 140 character thing and being able to push out micro blogs as you like when out and about. In fact I am on Twitter right now conversing with other mates. I’ve met some amazing people via my friends on Twitter, so much so we’ve taken it to other levels with IM & skyping since we really hit it off. I’ve had Twitter for just over 3 & a half years now and I only have 12,800 Tweets for my efforts. I have some friends who have had Twitter less than a year and have 30,000 Tweets!

So this draws an end to this blog about myself & social networking. As I said I love it, when it executed right. But when done poorly or when the creeps start stalking you then I fucking hate it.


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