Posted: October 7, 2012 in Ramblings

Can’t sleep, so lying here in bed listening to some Heavy Metal, because with my current mood I doubt i’m going to be able to get to sleep for a while now, and day light saving kicks in, in an hour as well, woo! Also Heavy Metal seemed like a good choice on my iPod tonight, hows the album Reign In Blood by Slayer sound for some bedtime music? Perfect I think!

What’s the matter you ask? The usual for me, people. I don’t get it, how people can be so fucking selfish and only care about themselves? So much so that it reduces me to rage and others to tears (no I do not strike or yell at others in rage, if you do please eliminate yourself from the gene pool at once),  those others being people I give a shit about and try and make myself there for them when they need someone to rely on, why? Because that’s how I was FUCKING RAISED, to look out for others and put friends first.

A lot of the time I don’t really care how I am feeling if someone who is a friend is having a rough time and needs someone to talk to, i’ve found even asking someone how their day was or complimenting them on how they look can really just improve their day, I know it has with me when someone has asked how I was going, it just shows people do care. I always go to the effort to ask how my friends are when I chat to them or compliment my female friends on how pretty they look when they send me a picture of themselves in a dress that looks out of this world on them or when we catch up and they’ve gone to the trouble to look nice in my company.

I don’t know why I expect so much from people when what I am bitching about here is so minor it shouldn’t really matter, right? Or should it, it’s always mattered to me and i’ve felt bad when conversing with someone and haven’t asked how they are today or complimented them on looking pretty. Maybe i’m old fashioned (I got called that the other night based on my values & how i’m always polite) but fuck I like it and I think it’s the right thing, it seems like the right thing to me, you know don’t swear in front of women (I have a few exceptions here some women I know swear worse than sailors, we call them Nurses haha), ladies first, always say please and thank you no matter what, respect your elders, etc.

If I ever have children they will be raised like I was by my parents and my grandparents, taught to share, always use their manners, respect their elders. I am shocked and appalled at how some ‘parents’ are raising their children, now take note how I only said some, because some are top notch parents and I wish to thank them for raising their child the way they have, seriously the world needs more people like you.

I’ve sort of gone off topic since starting this bitch fest, I came in here with a lot on my mind and i’ll be ending with a lot on my mind but that’s just the way I work. But really I ask what sort of person starts a conversation with someone to only talk about themselves and just be so selfish it upsets the other person who in the first place did not even remotely deserve to be shut down/out like that and to top it off being told to shut up when they go to said person with an issue. It makes me physically sick, at times when I have had friends tell me of such experiences it has really upset me because they’re a person who does nothing but give back without expecting anything in return. I am grateful I know these people because I know they’re always there for me when I need a friend even if I hate disrupting them just to spill my problems.

I’ve really gone on about people tonight which makes it sound like I despise people, just to clear this up, I don’t. I love those who are in my life and make it great, they’re some of the best people I could ask for, if they’re reading they know who they are. I would also like to thank them, for I wouldn’t be who I am without their support and friendship.

Just to add to this, yes I am male, yes I have emotions and feelings, I would not be who I am or human without them. If you have a problem with this take it up with yourself because you obviously have issues of expressing who you really are and I feel sorry for you.

and with that I bid you all farewell, whilst I still feel conscious and sane enough ha! I joke. Though the conscious bit is probably accurate, also to go with it I am ending this with the song ‘Angel of Death’ by Slayer, I advise checking it out, Tom Araya opens it with a badass scream and Dave Lombardo has one major fucking kickass double bass break down that goes for about 6 seconds. Really that man can make any drum kit his bitch.

Night everyone.


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