100 Known & Unknown Things About Me.

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Ramblings

I saw this on another friends blog and thought it was cool it also gave me insight into them a bit more and made me respect them more.
So here we go.

1. I was born 6 weeks premature, yeah I lived in one of them egg things for a while!

2. When born I was no bigger than the gap between my fathers wrist and elbow, about the size of a normal dinner plate.

3. I have some of the best friends a person could ask for.

4. I own a Thunderbird Bass, 4 string, I use to play. I should really get back into it.

5. It has been just over 7 years since my grandparents passed away, I still feel lost without them.

6. I almost lost my father in 2008 to a stomach bleed, he lost 3/4 of his blood. That really scared me.

7. I took Karate for several years, I stopped only because they wouldn’t grade me to the next belt, jerks!

8. I love muscle cars, especially Chargers & Trans Ams.

9. I have met & spoken to a few famous musicians, Slash being one.

10. I play/ed bass because of two people Nikki Sixx & the late Paul Gray. They have been massive musical influences on me.

11. I own both a MacBook and a ‘high end’ gaming computer. I don’t care for favourites, both do things well.

12. I have lived in Tweed Heads all of my life, I wish to change this sometime soon.

13. For my 21st birthday I had FOUR friends come from over 2,000km’s away to attend my birthday, 2 from Melbourne & 2 from Hamilton, New Zealand.

14. I can’t grow facial hair for shit, it just looks like a mess of orange.

15. I am half Irish, the rest of me is made up of Scottish & English descent.

16. At the age of 18 I almost joined the Air Force for an IT job.

17. Even though I completed my HSC (Higher School Certificate) I had no plans of going to University.

18. I want to become an Audio Engineer and work recording bands live and in the studio.

19. I love film making, even though I don’t do much of it any more.

20. I have no idea when a girl is flirting with me, if I do I have realised after we have parted ways and I hate myself for it.

21. I am blood related to Edward Kelly on my father’s side of the family.

22. I am the only member of my family to have not lived in Melbourne at some point in their life, I plan to rectify this.

23. My family’s name stems from a town that once existed in England.

24. I have 3 bands to thank for the my taste in music today they are, Mötley Crüe, Slipknot & Green Day.

25. I am very shy around new people especially girls, I always wait for them to initiate conversation.

26. I get along better with girls than guys.

27. I hated high school due to the amount I got bullied, and not a single teacher would do anything about it because they never saw it.

28. My second day of high school I was in the deputy’s office for fighting, that wasn’t the last time either.

29. I have been in bands with friends, I hated it, even though I loved performing and love music.

30. My favourite drink is Jack Daniels & ice. Nothing can beat it. Unless it’s a more expensive Whiskey or Whisky.

31. I like to think I can sing, I can’t though unless I drink enough I then sound like Lemmy.

32. I prefer TV shows to movies mostly, because movies ends and I always want more.

33. My favourite video game of all time is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

34. I haven’t been in a relationship or close to one for 5 years, yet I have been close to so many girls over the years people thought we were dating.

35. If you follow my family history back far enough we were Vikings in the early AD/BC years.

36. In high school I loved to rip my jeans and scuff them up, I got paid out for it, a few years later it was the ‘cool thing’

37. I am constantly listening to music, my Last.FM states in the last 5 years I have listened to 134,704 tracks which equates to about 75 tracks per day.

38. I don’t think my life is perfect, but I love it almost the way it is.

39. I think Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are interesting and would join one if I was a different person.

40. I like reality shows that Discovery make, Sons of Guns, Fast N’, Loud, American Chopper.

41. I love motorsport, even if I can’t stand to watch it any more due to how it has been bastardised.

42. I have never flown on a plane.

43. I am terrified of heights, but I love thrill rides.

44. I am an adrenaline junkie.

45. I am also terrified of needles.

46. I have had issues since a teenager with ingrown toe nails, I have lost count how many I have had removed.

47. I was baptised a catholic, but never practised. I don’t care for religion.

48. I changed from a public to a catholic high school at the age of 15, it was the best thing I then started to like high school.

49. I started out learning guitar but gave up for Bass when I thought it was much cooler.

50. I often take cheap shots at myself.

51. Loves cuddling, probably more than I should.

52. I love cooking.

53. I can also do the washing and other household chores. (this surprises a lot for some reason)

54. I can do all sorts of minor things relating to trades around the house (painting, plumbing, plastering, landscaping, automotive maintenance)

55. Still getting over my first true love.

56. I have been electrocuted several times by 240v AC, it sucks.

57. Does not swear in front of ladies, unless they find it acceptable.

58. Wants to learn Russian.

59. Friends always come first.

60. I am a geek/nerd of many things.

61. I can’t really stand drinking soft drink, I mostly drink water.

62. Mixing spirits with soft drink is a sin, even if I do it from time to time.

63. Doesn’t find that much in life funny, it makes me look sour I know.

64. Says ‘lol’ way too much in text based conversation.

65. I once tried to use 1000 free texts that Telstra gave me for a month. I couldn’t get there =(

66. I day dream way too much.

67. I love LEGO, I still have mine from my childhood somewhere around here.

68. Doesn’t smoke, the smell alone makes me retch and feel sick.

69. Can’t draw, but I like to think I can.

70. I love tattoo’s but don’t think they’re for me.

71. Can stay up for hours just talking to friends and not be bored with where we have taken our conversation.

72. Have felt depressed more than I have felt happy in recent times, I am trying to change that though.

73. When I am happy everything just seems right.

74. I have the neighbours from hell.

75. We have had TWO AVO’s (Apprehended Violence Orders or restraining orders) on said neighbours.

76. My identity was fraudulently used by some arseholes I went to school with in a car crash.

77. Would seem to be about the only guy who thought lynx smelt horrible and never used it.

78. Can’t stand materialistic girls.

79. I have stupid hayfever, it’s awful.

80. As a baby I had a severe allergic reaction to bottled spring water.

81. I have probably sent more texts in the last 5 months of owning an iPhone than I have previously.

82. I have a sleeping disorder, despite trying to fix it I can’t seem to.

83. Music means a lot to me, without it I wouldn’t be who I am, I would also be constantly sad.

84. My uncle has played a round of golf with Alice Cooper.

85. Never won a competition in my life.

86. I have only been to 5 concerts 2 were festivals.

87. I loved science in high school, I was mostly top of the class in senior year.

88. That’s some serious shit!

89. On my year 12 jersey I had 30/30-150 printed on the back, which is a Stone Sour song. Since the school wouldn’t let me use my gamertag.

90. I don’t like to have regrets. That just leads to being sad and worrying. I don’t need to worry more.

91. A Clockwork Orange is possibly my most favourite movie ever.

92. My dad use to work in sound effects and trained as a stuntman in his early years.

93. I’m only young but experienced in so many ways, it amazes some people.

94. Doesn’t care what you think about my musical taste, it’s who I am.

95. I have met some of my best friends online and do not regret it.

96. I hate how times flies with chatting with the amazing people in my life.

97. Was up until 2.30am this morning talking to an amazing girl.

98. Has a huge stance against drugs, seen too many friends spiral down because of them.

99. I hate taking photo’s of myself unless it’s with someone else.

100. I am amazed I made it this far, I didn’t think i’d have more than 15 things to write about.

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    Good work!! Found it a very interesting read!

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