Apocalyptic Love

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Music

Apocalyptic Love the second true solo record from ex-Guns N’ Roses axe man Saul “Slash” Hudson, this time instead of featuring every rock god under the sun with him, this time he’s managed to bring it down to just 4 other guys. They are; Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) on Vocals, Todd “Damnit” Kerns (Sin City Sinners) on Bass, Brent Fitz (Theory of a Deadman) on Drums and Frank Sidoris (The Cab) on Rhythm Guitar.

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

Apocalyptic Love, what can I say about this album? Other than it is possibly one of the greatest Rock N’ Roll albums to be released in modern times from an artist that made it famous back in the day before the internet, when MTV was just coming out, when vinyl records were still the choice for play back, CD’s were rare (a bit like today heh), the Sony Walkman ruled portable music market & the Los Angeles hair metal scene ruled, which is where Slash came from oh and a few years before I was even a concept in my parents minds.

The album was produced by Eric Valentine, the same man responsible for Slash’s debut back in 2010 which featured Myles Kennedy and 2 tracks, when I heard this I was excited and it being Slash I was hoping he was going to record the old fashioned way on to 2.5″ tape since he really seems to have a hatred Pro Tools and the modern way of recording, even if he has stated he has been attempting to learn it, also the fact recording in an analogue method you get a much rich & warmer sound, that’s just my personal opinion though.

I have listened to this album so many times since it dropped in May it’s stupid, my iTunes says at least 70 times and that’s not counting my iPod or the CD player. I was especially excited when I heard Myles would be fronting the album with his amazing voice, lyrical and musical input. Yes I might have a bit of a man crush on him, so what? He’s a vocal god!

Onto the actual track list of the album, I was really unsure when I heard the album name, but as my mother taught me do not judge a book by its cover, though admittedly this book has a fucking awesome cover, just take a look!

Apocalyptic Love
Isn’t that awesome?! Slash has a real eye for his artwork it seems and to me that’s important if you’re still trying to crack the physical sales market, over the years i’ve bought some albums on a whim because the artwork looked amazing in hopes the music would also be the same!

The album consists of 15 solid rock songs, supposedly 2 are bonus tracks but they seem to be included on every version of the album, which is what I like to see!

01. Apocalyptic Love
02. One Last Thrill
03. Standing in the Sun
04. You’re a Lie
05. No More Heroes
06. Halo
07. We Will Roam
08. Anastasia
09. Not for Me
10. Bad Rain
11. Hard & Fast
12. Far and Away
13. Shots Fired

–Bonus Tracks–

14. Carolina
15. Crazy Life

I won’t go into detail about all the tracks, if I do it will end up about the length of a University essay! I’ll rattle off my top 5 tracks and what I loved and didn’t love about the album (if I can find anything!)

Okay so my first introduction to the album was You’re A Lie, the first single & video, I purchased it on BigPond Music & played the hell out of it, I think the single itself got 110 plays by the time the album came out. It’s a great rock song, catchy, all the right riffs, the solo is killer and it’s tied together with Myles’ fitting vocals. It’s not the best song on the album but it’s a personal favourite.

Next up on my list of favourites is Apocalyptic Love, it’s got everything, wah pedal (why did this amazing effect go out of style really?), the almost Robert Plant style long drawn out vocals from Myles, those amazing backing from Todd Kerns, the intricate little tie in riffs from Slash leading upto the chorus during the verses and again more wah wah in the solo, seriously between Slash & Kirk Hammet of Metallica I never understood why the wah-wah was “out of fashion” in the late 80’s and well into the 90’s. Also funny thing about this song, I never really could understand all the lyrics so when I looked them up I was pleasantly surprised it was about making love moments before the world was to end.

Bad Rain, this song wasn’t a hit at first with me, i’d often skip it being all “eh I don’t really like this one” but of late it’s been getting repeated A LOT, and the video Slash just released for it is awesome, it’s animated and set in a seedy strip bar with the band playing in the background. It’s just a rock tune that you can love, it’s soft, it’s hard it’s something I can relax to.

One Last Thrill, this really reminds me of early Velvet Revolver (y’know that band that Slash put together with Scott Weiland and some ex members of Gunners, also the band Myles Kennedy was asked to join initially back in 2002) the song in particular it reminds me of by VR is Dirty Little Thing, I think it’s mainly due to the faster paced upbeat and Myles and Scott sound very similar here. Either way I love this song, it would be one of my favourites.

Slash & Myles Kennedy

Far And Away, it’s basically a ballad I love ballad’s (there’s a secret of mine, shh) it’s beautiful this is where Myles really shines as a vocalist, this doesn’t come as a surprise to his fans that follow his work in Alter Bridge and his previous band The Mayfield Four, where he has show cased similar vocal styles. Also here we hear the more clean and gentle side to Slash’s roots as a guitar player and it’s just beautiful, it’s the kind of song I could fall asleep to with a girl in my arms, even if the lyrics are some what sad in a way since it’s about someone (Myles’ wife maybe?) being so far and away from him when he wrote it, that they’re back home whilst he was on the road and he misses them greatly and cannot wait to see them.

I know I said I would speak of only 5 songs but I really can’t, just two though I promise!

Not For Me, the song Myles wrote about his past experiences with illicit substances when he was young only around my age (21) he stated in an interview recently. He said he has only done drugs that one time and what he experienced has stuck with him for the last 21 years, which really says something, he was impacted that much and he can still draw creative influence from just a few experiences so early on in life. I am sure Slash also contributed here, because there is references to Whiskey and Slash was a massive alcoholic like every Los Angeles rockstar from the 80’s he loved Jack Daniels. It’s a beautiful song even if the lyrics are about choices made in life that weren’t the right ones. but everyone has to learn, don’t they?

Last but not least, Anastasia, no not the Russian Princess, well at least I don’t think so. I left this song until last because it is my absolute favourite on the album and I was so sad that I learnt they played this on the Australian leg of the new tour which I sadly had to miss due to financial reasons, I even tweeted Slash begging for him to add it to the set list for Australia because they didn’t have it on the set at the time. Maybe he listened to me? Who knows. But the opening of the song with the acoustic guitar is just beautiful, I know I have used that word extensively through out this, but seriously it is the only way I feel I can describe anything of this accurately. The outro to this song is something, it’s basically an extended solo by Slash, but he just makes it work, think November Rain and cut it back 4 minutes in length and string all 3 solo’s together and have it go for the last 2 minutes of the song and you have Anastasia.

Over all this album is top notch, I personally think it is one of the quintessential Rock N’ Roll albums to own, yes the album does follow a general theme of love, relationships and life experiences but it just works. Also it has talkbox another favourite of mine with the wah-pedal! oh and the fact it is Slash, the man who doesn’t put his name (mostly) on shit music, we don’t speak of that time he supposedly featured in that song of Rhiannas.

Another thing I liked album this album, they recorded as a band in the same space, so vocals, guitar, drums, bass and backing vocals all recorded at the same time. I am sure some parts were redone and other parts couldn’t be done live in a situation like that, but mostly I believe it was recorded as a band, not everyone recorded their own bits separately like most bands do.

Okay this has gotten to 1,600 words I am going to stop or no one is going to read this, if you make it this far in my ramblings I love you and I thank you for taking the time to read this, for your efforts here’s a picture of Slash & band thanking you from a festival somewhere!

Slash & The Conspirators


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