Brisbane Soundwave 2012

Posted: February 28, 2012 in , Music

My day started at 8am AEDST got up showered, got ready Facebooked a little about the days events to come then head off to Elenora to meet my mate to then start our journey to Brisbane to end up at the RNA showgrounds for the days events!

We had a few stops along to way to pick up a work mate another mate of his, both whom i’d never met before I thought they were pretty cool guys. We made our final stop along the way to get more energy drinks & fast food then it was smooth sailing from there or was it?

Just outside of Brisbane my father rang, I was expecting that just wondering if we were there yet and how the traffic and weather was, I informed him the weather was sketchy but traffic was light which was good.

So we make it into Brisbane, then it dawns on us, where the fuck do we park?! At this point I didn’t realise the RNA Showgrounds was literally next to Brunswick street in Fortitude Valley, after realising this and our first attempt at parking would’ve resulted in 100 bucks for the day I informed everyone that there was 24 hour parking in Brunswick street 500 metres from the venue and it would cost us no more than 40 bucks! So we got one of the last parks there on the 6th level, that was lucky!

So we leave and head down to the showgrounds get our fancy wrist bands for being overage & bags checked for projectiles etc. Then we headed in and went straight for main stage 2 in anticipation for Steel Panther, by the time Pinkerton hit main stage 1 the crowd for Steel Panther was bigger than what they had, HA!

So next came the other issue I was presented with finding all my friends who I wanted to meet up with. Turned out it was beyond impossible! Since I knew another 7 or 8 people going and I didn’t get to meet up with a single one of them, which sucked BUT! I still was able to have fun.

I saw over the course of the day;
Steel Panther, Alter Bridge, HELLYEAH (2 songs only sadly), Bad Religion, Limp Bizkit, Manson, Slipknot & SOAD. The time table I had from home said Wednesday was on at 3.20 still so I was all excited for that but when we got there it said 7pm and come 7 I had an awesome spot for Slipknot & SOAD so I wasn’t leaving and had to miss Wednesday which was lame.

Now onto the bands I saw!

I was really blown away by Steel Panther & Alter Bridge so it was hard for the other bands to top my day. It was great during Panther that it poured down, Michael Starr really took that to his advantage to get the girls to get their tits out and he made sure the camera guys were on to them, they were just great they’re an amazing bunch of entertainers & musicians! I was surprised they didn’t play any covers I was really expecting them to rip out Panama by Van Halen but alas they did not. But it did not ruin my expectations of this amazing parody band! I would see them again in a heart beat, such talented musicians!

Alter Bridge, well they weren’t going to let me down anyway because I have faith in Myles Kennedy & his vocals. I couldn’t help but laugh everytime Mark was soloing he would put on a serious face, though they played an amazing set even if it was only stuff from Blackbird & ABIII I kind of expected them to play In Loving Memory but I guess they didn’t get the time slot/or even the right atmosphere to play it. I had been so excited to see Alter Bridge ever since they were announced on the line up back in September!

HELLYEAH, I caught 2 songs from the back of the crowd they weren’t too bad but I couldn’t even stay for the end of the set because Alter Bridge was about to start and it took me about 5 minutes to get back to main stage Which was lame because I was really excited to see HELLYEAH but Alter Bridge out weighed them for me sadly. But they still sounded pretty damn good.

At this point of the day between Alter Bridge & Manson I had nothing to do so I went and found my mate I came with and we went over and secured some killer positions infront of stage 1 behind D area for the nights acts whilst Bad Religion played!

Manson, the disappoint of the day, he butchered a fair few of his hits to the point I had no idea what the song was when he started singing, then there was his habit of nicking off to the side of the stage after every song for what turned out to probably be a huff of oxygen, then there was his stunt about narcotics where he produced a vial of something hinting to be cocaine but I have my doubts about it being coke. It was sad to see him in the state he was, but he didn’t seem to care so oh well.

Limp Bizkit & Bad Religion, I had no intention of watching either bands but I caught the last half of Bad Religion, whilst knowing no songs apart from their one song which was on Tony Hawk Pro Skater I could only be impressed & I was they were fantastic especially since you could tell a few members were giving it 110% to deliver which was awesome. Limp Bizkit, yeah I was a fan back when it was cool to like them, and they weren’t bad for a band that’s nothing but nostalgia for me. I was a little let down they didn’t play Rollin’ since that was possibly my all time fave from them.

Slipknot, the headliner I was there for after seeing them back on the All Hope Is Gone World Tour in ’08 I was hoping this time round they would play more of the Self Titled/Iowa album and that they did, they were even better than when I last saw them. Especially Corey’s vocals they were just tighter and he sounded amazing the entire set. I was happy I got to see them again, also was great to see Sid is back to his antics of being a dare devil & that this time we got the ‘jump the fuck up’ part in Spit It Out.

System of a Down, now don’t hate on me for only knowing 3 songs. I went in with intentions of coming out as a fan and I sure did. System delivered, 27 songs they played according to which was awesome. Serj is an amazing vocalist same goes for the guitarist, I can only have respect for a band that packed so much in to 105 minutes (yeah they started on time but left the stage at 22:15) I would see them again.

I wanted to see Wednesday 13 & BLS as well, but since I had the best spot in front of D area to the left of stage 1 I wasn’t loosing that spot so I sacrificed seeing those 2, I kind of regret missing Wednesday because i’ve been a fan of his for as long as I can remember but I know he’ll always be back so I can always look forward to a gig another time!

Overall, amazing day. The people were friendly if they bumped into you they apologised and all, we didn’t get anything like that at Big Day Out. Even the security & police worked together to keep the morons under control which was also a big plus. It was definitely a great first impression for me and I will be attending in the future given there are bands I like playing and it’s justifiable for me! I found the crowd over all to be a great bunch of friendly people I got chatting to so many people made it to be a great first Soundwave, unlike Big Day Out this year which was shit house in comparison.

Also I might add, I may be be less of a Manson fan now but I am definitely a SOAD fan now, so that was good.

After System of a Down we all met up and proceeded to head back to the car, we got there and realised “oh shit, this is going to be a wait to pay” and boy was it ever we waited almost an hour! But it did give us time to make friends with the lovely young girl in front of us who bought me a coke, when I held her spot in line when she went to buy herself a drink. I was stupid though I didn’t get her name or any contact details and I am kicking myself for that!

During this time in line the only pay machine BROKE?! The parking attendant ran like the Flash to get to it and fix it before we rioted haha! He soon fixed it and got everyone through quicker which was awesome! Not long after we were on out way out of Fortitude Valley sore, smelly & in need of a shower & a good nights sleep. So we headed south, only to take a detour through most of Brisbane haha, but at leas the scenery at midnight was nice and made said detour worthwhile!

Not long after we hit the motorway and from there it was smooth sailing to Yatala 24 hour BP & Maccas, because some sort of substance to keep us going was required even if it was the greasy crap maccas calls food! So after we ate it was back in the car with an ice cream (fuck yeah! I hadn’t had a Maxibon in years!) then home & bed (well for me) everyone else had a wife that would make them shower haha!

Made it home just after 3am, crashed as soon as I hit my bed. Legs, feet, neck, upper & lower back, arms all ached but it was worth it!

I can’t wait to go back next year!


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