This Is Gonna Hurt……… My Ears.

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

So i’m listening to the new Sixx:A.M album “This Is Gonna Hurt”

I was rather sceptical of this album when I heard the over produced & muddy sounding single “Lies Of The Beautiful People” i’m upto track 4 “Sure Feels Right” it’s probably the best track on the album, it’s very ballad-esque this song.

As like the bands previous album from 2007 “The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rockstar” which has a book to go with it of the same name, the book was diary excerpts over 1 year December 25th 1986 to December 25th 1987 by Nikki Sixx. The book was great, even if some of or most was faked, I don’t care, it was honestly great same with the album. It really opened my eyes upto guitarist DJ Ashba, former Beautiful Creatures & Current Guns N’ Roses.

His playing is as usual amazing on this album, but they didn’t step away from the drum machine for the album, seriously guys get a session drummer to play for you, please!! I’m sure Tommy Lee would’ve played or any one of your many of your drummer friends! Hell Angel from Dope/Team Cybergeist would fit perfectly in with you guys & he fucking kicks ass behind the kit!

Okay so I found a second song I rather like “Deadlihood” that works, it’s pretty awesome. The current song i’m on “Smile” is kinda meh, too slow & the acoustic guitar is boring same with the piano.

Sad thing is I know all the Sixxtards are going to lap this up and tell James, Nikki & DJ it’s the best thing since Led Zeppelin or something similar. Which is just bullshit, because bands of the degree would never write (for the most) such boring or obvious songs.

So far out of the 10 tracks I have listened to I like only 2. That’s sad since I like the majority of the The Heroin Diaries. Over all, I don’t think they can ever top the success of The Heroin Diaries, which will go down in music as an amazing concept album, not comparable to Welcome To My Nightmare or The Wall but still amazing.

I hope when they come to doing a 3rd album it doesn’t need to relate around a book or anything. Concept albums are good if you’re amazing at them, like Alice Cooper is or Pink Floyd.


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