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Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

So thanks to Sam I decided to get one of these, i’ve had several blogs in the past, which are still live. But haven’t updated them in uh almost 2 years.

If you care/wanna have a look here they are.
My first ever blog, with blogpsot.
Tafe Assignment from 2009.
And this one, which I forgot about. But popped up when I googled my name.

So yeah.

I suppose you wonder where my “name” Virus originated from & the blog name. Well only one at think at a time, i’m only human.

Name: Virus, well that i’m pretty sure originates from Virus of Dope, otherwise I have no fucking idea where I got it from. I actually met him the night this picture was taken at the Dope gig in Brisbane back in 09. It was was surreal to meet him I also met Angel the drummer of Dope. Both awesome guys.
This is Virus, he looks mean, but he’s really not haha.


Now, my blog name “Audio Secrecy” well I got that from Stone Sours 2010 release titled “Audio Secrecy” it’s a good effort from the band. Not as heavy as their previous releases “Stone Sour” in 2002 & “Come What(ever) May” in 2006, but they’re a personal favourite of mine & I love it.

My mate actually met the entire band just the other day & got backstage access to their Melbourne show & was allowed to watch the entire gig from the side stage, lucky bugger.

So yeah, that’s my “first” blog post. Maybe more will come, maybe this will be my first & last..

  1. samtasia says:

    Hahaha, glad to see you made it!! and it appears you found me ok too 🙂 I’ll have to link your blog on mine… I”ll be racking up links before i know it. Nice little wrap up and good to see no C words exist in the first blog 😀

  2. Virus__ says:

    Honestly, I don’t tend to swear on stuff like this. Twitter is different though.

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