Dogs & Irresponsible Dog Owners

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So first up, this is mostly a rant as I am fed up with deadshits in society.

So today (August 27th) I was out walking my dog Chilli a Kelpie x Border Collie, she basically looks like Red Dog, so I just tell people she is a Kelpie, since she looks like one apart from a bit bigger in the chest & paws.

Anyway, we’re nearing the end of our walk (maybe 2 kilometres from home), just casually strolling through a local sports field near one of my old schools, houses on the other side of the road. I hear a dog barking, I tell Chilli to just ignore it, this dog is psycho with its bark. I couldn’t see it or pin point where it was, but next I know it’s bolted at the both of us & attempted to maul Chilli & then me. I tried my best to protect her, but she had other plans & that was to slip her harness & just got the fuck out of there, which I don’t blame her.

Now I’m not exactly fit, and have always hated running, but I tried my hardest to make sure I could see where she was going & to make sure she did not get hit by a car or whatever. I lost sight of her after about 100 metres, so I frantically pull my phone out to ring home, to get someone to get down to where I was & to try & find Chilli, at this point I’m absolutely distraught as in she is my best friend & I would feel lost with out her. I get a phone call back maybe 30 seconds later to tell me she was at home, my dog had the instincts to just run home to where she knows it is safe, this is across dual lane traffic, which was very quiet because it was a Sunday thank god.

She was basically unscathed apart from a small injury to a paw, which i’m not sure if it’s from running home or the mongrel of a dog got her, which may have happened I am not sure.

But anyway, I’ve always had dogs as pets my entire life, I had a Staffy Bully cross called Dutchess, a Shetland Collie called Rebel, a Blue Heeler called Mate & before we got Chilli we had a dog who was Kelpie x Labrador x Cattle Dog (well we think anyway) called Angel, she was around for a year or so when we got Chilli & one day quietly passed away, she was a good 13 or 14 years old. Thing is, we have always done the right thing, made sure our dogs were restrained when our front gate was open, or when out being walked. Always registered & microchipped with the local council. But then you get assholes who come along like who ever owns this dog that attacked us today & they ruin it for all the responsible people. It’s not the first time i’ve encountered shit like this either, only a fortnight ago another dog had a go at ME when I was walking Chilli, this dog often has a go at people, despite the numerous complaints to the local council nothing ever seems to be done.

I don’t know where I am going with this, but i’m just sick & tired of the fucking morons in this world, who own dogs who are for some reason very anti-social towards people & any animal. I guarantee that dog we encountered today has killed cats & any native wildlife it can get its jaws on. To me that is not a dog I want in my neighbourhood. Now I know, the dog isn’t to blame, the owner is, sure. But I think I recognised this dog, it looks very similar to another dog that is local to me who had pups maybe 12 months ago, and this dog is not a nice dog either, & neither are any of its litter we have the unfortunate pleasure of coming across. Especially since one lives directly across the road from us.

Now Chilli is a placid, loving & gentle dog. She gets way too excited when she sees dogs on her walks because all she sees is a friend, same with any person. In fact on one of our regular walking paths she has made friends with a lot of the guys at our local Ford dealership, there’s another one or two people who live in our area who adore her. She’s just a great dog. Wants to let everyone know she loves them & that they’re her friend, unless you’ve done something to her in the past, like one set of neighbours have. People have to realise she is a mix of two of the smartest dogs on our planet. Two breeds of dog who are born & raised for a herding life, they’re dogs who listen to command after command & do things very precisely & they’re extremely loyal.

I often have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the shit dogs that live in my town, probably because the owners couldn’t give two fucks about what their dog is doing. So the dog gets no discipline & then does whatever the fuck it likes. I guess it’s a good thing I already have an open case with the local council about another dog who has caused a lot of trouble for me, so I guess they can add this one to their “not to do list” because I know they won’t do jack shit, even though I am a rate payer in this beautiful place I live.

Anyway, whatever. I just needed to vent that out of my system. I’ll leave you with one of my all time favourite pictures of Chilli, a picture that someone once told me makes her look like a vicious killer dog, that person was a cunt. Also that same person told me I would never get the job I am in now, & they worked for a recruitment agency. Wish they could see me now, i’m probably on more than them & in a job I mostly love with mostly awesome people.

Also sorry for all the language, I felt it was necessary.

Anyway, here’s Chilli!



Been a while since my last post.. (a long time, I found this blog in my “To be completed” pile so who knows how long it has sat there)

This time I thought I would just talk about my top 5 all time bands, I am stealing this in part from a post I saw from Rob Zombie on Facebook the other week. But, instead of it just being 5 bands I mention, I thought I might go a bit deeper into each band and what not.

Seems perfect for a quiet Tuesday night where I’m at home listening to Aussie rockers, Airbourne and drinking cold Aussie ciders (Mercury Draught if you’re wondering)

As I have covered previously music to me is what I live for, I may not create it (I only play Bass) I may not even be involved in its creation process (yet) as a producer, sound engineer or working for a band on tour. No I just thrive for music, good old fashioned Rock N’ Roll, I like to keep it simple, bitchin’ guitars, pounding drums, a bit of bass here and there & aggressive grab your attention clean (for the most part) vocals.

So I guess I will number the bands from 5 and count down to the finale, that being you guessed it number one, or could I include zero, everything & nothing? As Sid Wilson of Slipknot has described himself being the number zero in Slipknot. Though that could be cheating I guess since I would have 6 bands on the list not five..

Number Five.

Alestorm: Now you’re probably thinking, who? Well they’re a wee little Pirate Metal band from Perth, Scotland. They don’t take themselves seriously & just want to have fun. I guess it’s why I am drawn to them, they know how to have fun & metal doesn’t have to be ultra serious. When you have songs like “Fucked With An Anchor” & “Questing Upon The Poop Deck” which is full of euphemism about anal sex, you have to have a sense of humour to listen to them. Hell they even covered In The Navy by The Village People & owned it. Alestorm are the only band on my list I have never seen live, but that’s okay. I’ll get there one day, along with the long list of others bands I want to see.

Number Four.

Iron Maiden: A bunch of English lads who came in on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with the likes of Motörhead, Def Leppard & Diamond head. I’ve been a Maiden fan for a long time, we’re talking 12+ years, for someone my age that is remarkable. I remember when I was first intorduced to them, a friend sent me MP3’s of Aces High, Run To The Hills & 2 Minutes To Midnight over MSN messenger. I loved what I heard, so I set out to obtain the bands discography. Since then I have grown to love Maiden a lot. I especially love their more progressive style they adopted on a lot of songs, like Rime of the Ancient Mariner & their more recent releases. I finally got to see them live in 2016 on their Book of Souls world tour. By far they were one of the best bands I have had the pleasure of seeing live. Especially watching their third guitarist Janick bust his dance moves on stage. Plus I finally got to watch Steve Harris in the flesh, one of my biggest influences when it came to wanting to play bass 10+ years ago.

Number Three.

The Living End: A three piece band from Victoria, Australia, well now they’re technically a four piece with a newly added rhythm guitarist (now they’re back to a three piece as of 2017). I have seen this band live 8 times. Okay, so I saw them 6 times in a row back in December 2012, where each night they played one of their albums back to back. It was simply amazing. I also saw it in their hometown of Melbourne, I blogged about the entire experience. I suggest you go read the blogs, they can be found . I’ve been an actual fan of this band since around their 4th studio album “State of Emergency” which was released in 2006, though I discovered them in 2005 when the singles were coming out. They’re a personal favourite of mine, for many reasons, they’re a band my best friend and I love, I saw them with her 7 times last year at Big Day Out and then the Retrospective Tour in Melbourne. They’re a fun live band, they’re straight up no bullshit Rock N’ Roll, Chris Cheney is a great guy he also plays a mean guitar and he’s a pretty good singer.

Number Two.

Metallica: The kind of thrash from the bay of San Francisco, easily one of if not the biggest band in the metal or music world along side with Black Sabbath. A Metallica show is an amazing experience, you always feel fulfilled afterwards. I know I sure was, but maybe that was because I ended up with a Metallica beach balls & TWO guitar picks (thanks James & Rob, you guys are great) I have loved Metallica ever since I was introduced to them a decade or more ago with the Master of Puppets album. An album which I think defines Thrash Metal perfectly. Some any will disagree with me, but whatever it’s my opinion and I am entitled to such. Who cares what they do music wise, they always put in live where it matters, they also occasionally play their albums in full, which is awesome. Something the die hard fans love. Also their latest album Hardwired… To Self Destruct is phenomenal. Also you can’t deny that Spit Out The Bone is a throwback to their roots.


Number One.

Slipknot: My all time favourite band, a band whose music helped me through some shit times and still do to this day. The band themselves are a huge part of who I feel I am today, I play bass because I was inspired by the late Paul Gray. They were the first band that wasn’t some local act I saw live, it was amazing. They were amazing. I also cherish that moment because it would be the last time that Paul would tour with the band to Australia, so I was very lucky I got to see them at their all time highest point when Paul was alive. Even though I never met him, it sure hit me hard when I found out he had passed away. Since then i’ve managed to see the band again, and again they were amazing. I feel like Slipknot has been the band i’ve related to most out of my favourite bands, sometimes I will go months without listening to them. But when I hear one of their songs I know all the lyrics & can belt them out in time with Corey, not that anyone probably wants that but hey. I’ve also now managed to see them 5 times, which is a good feat since they’ve only toured Australia a handful of times.

So two weeks ago (June 2014) I took a much needed break, and went on a 8 day holiday to other parts of this marvellous country, those parts were Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania. Initially I was just going to Tasmania for a friends birthday.

It was my first real holiday, since i’d never taken one before, though saying that I guess you could argue the 7 days I spent in Melbourne two years ago for The Living End’s Retrospective Tour was indeed a holiday. Looking back at it, I guess it was!

So I set off on Monday June 2nd at a reasonable hour, it was only my third time flying, to a lot of people who have barely flown before some would probably still find it quite nerve racking and uncomfortable, me? I don’t care, I just want that seat belt sign to turn off so I can put in my headphones and drown out the cabin noise, that is always there and maybe read a book. The flight from my starting point Gold Coast Airport (Coolangatta Airport if you’re a real local) would take about 2 and a half hours from take off to landing at Tullamarine Airport in Victoria. It was a pretty average flight, but probably the best of all my flights with Jetstar, especially since the person I was seated next to didn’t show up so I scored a window seat fuck yeah, best seat in my opinion!

First day in Melbourne was pretty relaxed, Christine & Daniel surprised me at the airport which was awesome of them, since I was not expecting to see them until that evening or the next day maybe. We ended up going out for lunch, catching up since it had been a good 18 months since we last saw each other, so we spent the afternoon chilling before going and locating the hotel I was staying in over on Spencer Street across from Southern Cross Station. So after lunch and catching up we wandered off to find my hotel and check in, check in was successful and a breeze and we head up to my room which was on the 2nd floor and Christine has to point out the foyer of the part of the hotel I was staying in looked like a prison.. It really did just look, thanks for pointing that out Chrissie. That night I just relaxed in the hotel room watching the free Foxtel, which consisted of 6 channels 3 were alright, the rest were typical Foxtel garbage. I also splurged and had Grill’d for dinner, which sucked. Which is a shame since last time I had it in Melbourne it rocked.. I guess not all of their stores carry the same standards, oh well!

Melbourne day two! I decided I wanted to check out this factory outlet mall that was down the road since I needed a decent pair of shoes since I came to Melbourne with only steel cap work boots, which in my defence were my only pair of cold weather shoes I owned… So I ended up finding a a Converse store which sucked in choice and price, so bugger them I thought I ended up at another store called ‘Roadhouse’ which is apparently up here too, so that’s cool. They had Vans on sale for a bargain price and they had what I was after in my stupidly large foot size, which was just amazing. See how bitchin’ they are?! After lunch I was meeting up with a mate of mine Jack, who I missed out on meeting up with last time I was in Melbourne, so I was determined to catch up with him this time around! So we met somewhere in the city, where exactly I forget, but we decided we’d go up Eureka tower which is the only touristy thing I did my entire time in Melbourne, it was pretty awesome, it gave a nice 360 degree view of the city and out to Port Phillip Bay. It was pretty awesome, and I got a total of ONE picture, I am such a tourist.. After Eureka tower we went and met up with another mate of mine Jesse, who ditched us all up here to move to Melbourne almost 3 years ago, which is cool I can understand Melbourne is pretty rad, I must say. It was good catching up with him and Jack since it made the day go relatively quick and some good laughs were had and drooling over musical instruments i’ll never be able to afford happened too. After catching up was done and I had to bid farewell to Jesse & Jack, I headed back to the hotel since I was off out catching up with MORE friends that night for booze & food. I was meeting said friends in Fed Square at the Beer Deluxe? Yeah I think that’s the name of the place, so I didn’t feel like walking to Fed Square which would take 20 mins to half an hour, I decided I would utilise Melbourne’s awesome tram system! So I asked some nice locals where to go and which Tram to catch to get to Federation Square, I got on the right line at first, but the tram I was on was going to Docklands, whoops, so I hop off after only passing one stop, and dart across the road where a very helpful girl was sitting and instructed me that any tram on this line was what I wanted I was ever so grateful. So I was only like half an hour late in the end to catching up with my mates! So I arrived and finally found everyone, they were down stairs.. Which I totally knew (totally didn’t), we chatted whilst waiting for Joel, who was using the excuse he was in a meeting, turns out a meeting means drinking at work, best meeting ever in my opinion! After a few drinks we decided food was needed, so we all eventually decided on Chinatown, and I was told dumplings are the go, I went with it cause dumplings are awesome. We made our way to Chinatown to a dodgy looking back alley to an even more dodgy looking dumpling house, which served awesome food, cheap too so even better! After a few plates of dumplings, a beer and catching up it was time to disband and head off since it was 10pm. So we made our way back to Flinders St Station where we parted ways, well sort of Joel decided he would catch the train from Spencer Street across from where I was staying so we took an interesting route through the back streets of the Melbourne CBD, I couldn’t believe how quiet Melbourne was of a night, unlike Brisbane and Surfer Paradise which are usually pretty busy on any given night!

Wednesday my third and final full day in Melbourne! So my final day I was determined to try and find a nice birthday present for Helen and get a few things for myself. I knew what I was after but everytime I came across a shop that I thought was nice and had what I wanted they didn’t or they were so expensive it was a deterrent :/ being unsuccessful in the present department I set out in search of a JB Hi-Fi to buy the new EP ‘The Pants Collective’ by The Living End drummer Andy Strachan, which is totally awesome and worth way more than the 10 dollars I paid! So that mission was successful at least, but I felt like apologising to the girl at JB whom I had to ask for help locating it since she looked pissed I dare ask for help. But she was really nice after she realised I was being genuine in asking for help since I couldn’t find the damn thing, since it was put in the ‘Popular’ section. I wandered around the city some more exploring and getting to know Melbourne a bit more, it’s a great city with a lot of friendly people and cool little places to eat at or shop at. On my wanders I ended up at Minatuar, a shop dedicated to everything geeky, well comic, video game, tv show and some music related merchandise, pretty awesome store but nothing of interest this time for me since they had no Sons of Anarchy gear 😦 unlike last time I was there! But they did have a Dexter graphic novel series where it appears Dexter Morgan has travelled down under and is still at his serial killer ways after Miami, which leads me to believe we could see a reboot of the Dexter franchise in the future, maybe that’s what Showtime meant when they said they were ending Dexter on a note where it could come back later on. That night I was meeting up with Christine & Daniel for dinner at the Hofbruahaus which I have heard a lot about from them, and seen lots about it too, mostly being their 1 litre steins of beer, which are really nice… To accompany the delicious beer there was an epic sized chicken schnitzel which honestly is possibly the best damn schnitzel I have had! I am going back there next time I am in Melbourne for sure, and for what it is, it’s moderately priced. After dinner we decided that we should eventually head off, so made our way back to the car (once Christine could remember what level she parked on haha) and made our way back to my hotel and discussed the plans for the next day since I was flying out the following day!

Thursday, my last few hours in Melbourne I spent mostly walking around looking at things again or watching the trains at the station, cause trains are cool, and if you don’t like trains then you’re lame! After a while I headed off to the Crown where I was meeting up with Christine for lunch and then eventually head to the airport, it was nice to just spend sometime and chat about things, sadly Daniel wasn’t there since he had this adult thing called work, but you get that. So after a while we decided we should head to the airport since it was about 2 hours to my flight out, so we left and it took us a while to get there due to Melbourne traffic which was rude I tell you, rude! So we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare (hour 15 or so!) this time I remembered NOT to wear my steel caps since I didn’t want to take them off at security, cause that’s just annoying really, and as per usual I got the “terrorist test” as Dave calls it (explosives testing) which got me chatting to the bloke as to what they’re specifically testing for, turns out it’s just explosives and firearms not drugs, which is fair enough I guess considering you could cause a bit of a problem on a flight with a gun or some kind of explosive. But the part that got me was they aren’t too interested in illegal drugs, like if they see them they’re meant to inform the AFP which is understandable, but they could let them pass through if they so wished. The bloke said to me “You could have a kilo of cocaine and I could just let that go” I replied with “Mate if I had a kilo of coke i’d be taking a private jet.” to which he thought was hilarious and a true statement, he was a cool dude I liked him since he had a sense of humour unlike other airport security i’ve come across before haha. Flight was quick total of about 40 minutes which is awesome but also didn’t allow for much iPod time 😦 Landed in Launceston a head of time (I think) to receive a text from Helen saying she couldn’t make to the airport and her mate Jason was gonna pick me just look for the bloke in hi-vis, I thought a bloke in hi-vis I don’t know he must be trusting simply due to the hi-vis, ha! Even at night Tasmania looked really nice, much nicer than where I live (unless I go out west past Toowoomba, I really like it out there!) after we got to Helen’s and met new people it was time to do a bit of shopping for food and the all essential booze! This is also the part where I found out Tasmania have abolished the plastic shopping bag, and good for them I say! Also it means everyone seems to have a million of those green coles eco bags that they charge 1 dollar a piece for here up home, down there? 15 cents, I could’ve made an empire from selling coles eco bags up here at even triple the buy price?! After we got back to Helen’s it was basically chill out and wait for Ben & Dave to arrive. I must say I felt instantly at home down there, and didn’t feel out of place which I guess made it a little hard to leave the following Monday since I was gonna miss the great company!

Around rolled Friday, the day of Helen’s birthday, which meant fun, hell yeah! We decided to visit a local national park (I guess that’s what you call it?) called Cataract Gorge, lovely place even if we didn’t go that far cause Dave & I were like “Eh that’s enough for us” and Dave managed to slip over on a surface that wasn’t overly slippery. But it was beautiful out there, lovely cold looking water too I must say 😛 After that it was the all important shopping trip for food for the weekend and alcohol, which didn’t really survive the night despite there being 7 bottles between a few of us for the ‘pre-drinks’ prior to going out for dinner heh. We went out to dinner that night with about another 20 of Helen’s friends all of whom were really nice friendly people which was awesome.

So it’s August 27th 2017… A good 3 years & 2 months after this trip I took to Tasmania. I wrote this blog the following week after I got back from that amazing week I had down there. Anyway, I never finished writing this, but enjoy what I wrote. I hope to go back sometime in the near future, Tasmania is a beautiful state, with amazing food, alcohol & breath taking scenery.

Soundwave Brisbane 2014:

Missed Alter Bridge (only caught the last half of Blackbird & the last song Rise Today) but the band sounded tight, way better than when I saw them in 2012.

Richie Sambora was good, but he was shown up by Orianthi when it came to guitar playing, he was still great, but not as great as I was expecting. Richie managed to ruin Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil, to the point where I had no idea what the song was until the chorus. He played some Bon Jovi some solo stuff, was a good mix, he nailed the Bon Jovi stuff vocal wise and put Jon to shame really, and Orianthi sung Living On A Prayer which was just epic, her voice suits it. Saying that I was rather happy I got to see Orianthi tear it up live, the first chance i’ve really had to see her since I discovered her music a few years ago.

ImageOrianthi performing with Richie Sambora & his band.

The Living End, amazing as usual. I was pleased by the reception they got from the crowd, since they had been receiving a lot of hate online since they were announced. Was a good set from them, I was disappointed they didn’t take the chance to play Long Live The Weekend, would’ve been a good closer, not that West End Riot wasn’t a good choice, since it was. Also their version of Jailbreak was great. I think that’s three Soundwaves i’ve been to now that a band has covered AC/DC..

ImageThe Living End

Placebo were good, not a fan, but they were decent live. They were pretty non interactive with the crowd though, singer did a bit here & there but for the most they just played their songs and that was it.

A Day To Remember, were alright, they also have some interesting things for the crowd and such like getting someone to crowd surf and then get someone to crowd surf that person like a surfboard. Also sticking the singer in a giant blow up ball and chucking him into the crowd was cool. They also had rolls of dunny paper thrown into the crowd on their last song, hardcore bands I tell ya. They also tried to start a circle pit but failed I think haha.

ImageThe singer of A Day To Remember & his bubble

Alice In Chains, couldn’t hear DuVall’s vocals at all which was annoying to say the least, otherwise they seemed alright. The worst part however was the crowd especially those deciding to share bodily fluids like blood around the front so at that point I left and the fact people were shoving people for the hell of it like they were attempting to start fights..

Jimmy Eat World, they were alright. Don’t listen to them but they were enjoyable for the 20 or so minutes I watched them.

Green Day; they played 29 songs which included half of Dookie and about the same of American Idiot. They only played for 2 & a half hours so they left the stage at something like 9:35 so that was a kick in the teeth if you ask me since they could’ve played for the other 25 minutes. But you get that, they were good though saying that. They also haven’t changed the structure of their live show over the last 10 years, which isn’t a surprise but I didn’t really expect it to be same sorta thing. Though the t-shirt cannon was rad 😛 never seen a shirt launched 60+ metres in the air and about as far out haha. Also a few audience members got to participate in songs whether it was singing or like the chick who got to play Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover) and then got to keep the guitar (which looked like a Fender Telecaster) that was cool.

ImageTwo bands I wanted to see most I didn’t get to see that being Alter Bridge & Newsted (since they had last minute cancellation but oh well) I also wanted to see Bowling For Soup but I got lazy and decided not to, I probably should’ve gone, I tried to locate the signing tent to go meet them but I ran into my mates and got chatting with them instead lol.

It was no Soundwave 2013 or 2012.. I don’t think anything will top those two for me again unless Metallica headline again or Slipknot/Stone Sour play again..

I hope AJ follows through and ends up having Soundwave made into a 2 day festival in the near future.

So over all I had a good day, even my 12 dollar burger was edible, tasty and actually filling! and I would gladly do it all again next week if I could.


The story of the house of gold & bones continues in part 2, the 5th studio album released by the band Stone Sour. It’s the final chapter in the concept album by the Des Moines band, bringing closure to the story and what happens to our friend Allen.

Following the album is a series of 4 comics and what Corey is hoping to be two feature length movies and a tour later this year early next year where the band will be playing both albums back to back over two night with what he says an insane stage production! Personally I cannot wait for all of it! I’m hoping to make my first overseas trip for the Stone Sour tour as well! For a few reasons; none of my friends here care enough to go, I have a friend overseas who would love for me to join her and well I want to go somewhere!

HOGAB 21. ‘Red City’
2. ‘Black John’
3. ‘Sadist’
4. ‘Peckinpah’
5. ‘Stalemate’
6. ‘Gravesend’
7. ’82’
8. ‘The Uncanny Valley’
9. ‘Blue Smoke’
10. ‘Do Me A Favor’
11. ‘The Conflagration’
12. ‘The House Of Gold & Bones’

Unlike part 1, part 2 doesn’t start out heavy and in your face, instead it starts out with just Corey’s voice and soft piano which slowly develops with drums and eventually it become a heavier song, but a slow heavy song. The song casually flows into the next song which is Black John, which is a personal favourite of mine. Black John is a fast paced heavy song with a soft sampled intro of some sort. The style of Corey’s vocals are what I have come to love a lot over the recent years as he has refined his style even more, his aggressive clean vocals during the verses and his melodic soothing vocals during the chorus, he really knows how to use his voice to his advantage.

The song following Black John is ‘Sadist’ starts out as a relatively relaxed song, a ballad almost I guess you could say. It picks up, but it stays mostly relaxed, witch Corey’s soothing melodic vocals through the entire song.

Peckinpah, an interesting title, not sure where Corey came up with the name for that one. Maybe I will ask him when I meet him one day.. If I ever remember or say anything cause I am terrible when I meet my idols. Stone Sour are an interesting band, they can go from a ballad to a heavy fast paced rip your face off song and not bad an eyelid. Peckinpah isn’t exactly that but it has aspects of 2 different songs in one, one moment it’s calm and just a heavy calm song then all of a sudden it’s full of double kick and aggressive vocals. I love it.

The opening to Stalemate is amazing, I love the melody being achieved here by Corey’s vocals! I would say it’s this albums version of Tired, but Tired still wins! Stone Sour don’t have a niche song like some bands do, they can do it all, ballads, heavy, fast, slow, a mixture of all the above and still make it sound like a band that didn’t exist before.

Gravesend there’s something about this song that I cannot pin point. It’s a great song, but there’s something about the groove (I think) of it that is just different from the rest of the songs so far on the album. It’s a good different though.

82, where each line of the lyrics just flow into each other. It’s another favourite song of mine off the album, it was one that just stood out as soon as I heard it.

The Uncanny Valley, another soft/heavy song. I guess Stone Sour are getting comfortable with writing the mix of soft & heavy songs, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact I think there’s a lack of such songs in metal and when done right they’re great.

Blue Smoke/Do Me A Favor, Blue Smoke is pretty much just a 2 minute intro for Do Me A Favor, the song means nothing on its own but when placed before Do Me A Favor it makes sense and fits! Do Me A Favor the first single from the album, one of the heaviest songs on the album, and another favourite of mine! A catchy tune, but then again I find most Stone Sour songs catchy!

The Conflagration, it rolls in after Do Me A Favor with a drum roll of sorts and piano with Corey backing it with his melodic vocals. It’s a beautiful song.

The House Of Gold & Bones, the final track to this album and the story, fitting to title the last track the same as the albums. It’s a fast paced song, from what I can tell it’s about Allen and his final moments in the house of gold & bones with lyrics like “I gotta do it alone, I will burn alive in the House of Gold and Bones” which makes you think did he just commit suicide? was he murdered? was it him punishing himself for previous actions?

Over all it’s an amazing album. But I can’t rank it better than part 1, maybe because part 1 holds a special place in my heart, but so does part 2 for very similar reasons as well. Actually the exact same reasons to be honest!

But part 1 has my more favourite songs. Sorry Corey I think you were wrong, part 2 isn’t better 😉 It’s part one! But hey part 2 is still amazing and i’ve garnered 50 plays of it since I first got it a week ago today!

So that’s all from me for this little review I guess on the two new albums from Stone Sour!

The House of Gold & Bones, the 2 part concept album saga from Des Moines, Iowa heavy rock/metal band Stone Sour, which is fronted by none other than Slipknot main man, Corey motherfucking Taylor! Along with Jim Root who plays alongside Corey in Slipknot. The rest of the band is made up of Josh Rand (guitar), Roy Mayorga (drums) & Johnny Chow on bass, he also sports a fantastic beard, like ZZ Top quality.

House of Gold & Bones is as I said a two part concept album, which Corey had written the story to previously which is being released in comic book form as well! It’s Stone Sours 4th album since they got back together in 2003, and I must say it’s a sign they’re only maturing and becoming stronger as a band, musicians and song writers, which is always great about your favourite band if you ask me.

Part 1 of the 2 part album is 11 tracks which are as follows:

HOGAB11. ‘Gone Sovereign’
2. ‘Absolute Zero’
3. ‘A Rumor of Skin’
4. ‘The Travellers Part 1′
5. ‘Tired’
6. ‘RU486′
7. ‘My Name Is Allen’
8. ‘Taciturn’
9. ‘Influence of a Drowsy God’
10. ‘The Travellers Part 2′
11. ‘Last of the Real’

The album has a great mix of soft and heavy songs which just work and flow in to each other which is how a concept album is meant to work whilst telling the story of the main character, whose name is Allen. I always have loved concept albums, my all time favourite and first run in with them was probably the most famous one, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, so famous and well composed they even made it into an amazing movie starring Bob Geldof as the main character, Pink.

I’m going to say it now this album is extremely special to me, it is the reason why I know my best friend Kat, if it wasn’t for it I would never have met her. So this album holds a dear place in my heart, which is why I now rank it as my top album of 2012 along with Apocalyptic Love by Slash with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

I remember when I first got the album back in October, I wasn’t overly fussed with it, but I had a lot of my plate then so I was finding it hard to get into a new album, even though I loved what I had heard before it came out. I sort of had 2 or 3 listens then put it on the back burner and just listened to my favourite songs being, Tired, Absolute Zero, Gone Sovereign and RU486. It wasn’t until I got talking to Kat and had a few more listens to it when I was more myself that I realised how amazing this album actually was and how much I loved it, since then I have clocked over 105 listens to the album. It was the only album I listened to two days straight almost after seeing Stone Sour at Soundwave this year.

It starts out right in your face with Gone Sovereign and flows into another heavy fast paced song that being Absolute Zero, which is punchy and makes you want to get up and just mosh. The songs that follow the two opening tracks are Rumor of Skin which is heavy and a fun live track whilst The Travellers Part 1 is a softer song, very calming.

Tired; my favourite song from the album and Stone Sour song in times gone by. It has such an amazing opening guitar riff. The vocals are amazing, it’s punchy but not overly heavy. I think that is made possible by the string assortment used in the song.

RU486 another favourite of mine, extremely heavy fast paced with aggressive vocals. The what seems to be gang vocals in the chorus is awesome, it adds a whole other level to the song.

My Name is Allen, this is where were finally find out our characters name, surprise surprise it’s Allen! It’s a midrange Stone Sour song, not too heavy not too soft, just right in the middle. Corey has great melody on his voice, but when doesn’t he?!

Taciturn, is a soft song, with acoustic guitar. It’s slow and mellow it’s a nice change and breaks the album up a bit where needed. Influence of a Drowsy God, starts out with a piano riff, then gets punchy with the instruments coming in all of a sudden with the vocals. It’s another mid field in terms of heavy and soft. They seem to be some of the best songs Stone Sour do.

The Travellers Part 2 a continuation of part 1, it starts out heavier than the first but just as awesome, I reckon! It soon smooths out into a more mellow song which then continues into the last song on the album The Last of the Real which is a heavy song, possibly one of the heaviest in terms of Corey’s vocals, they’re angry. He’s angry, the lyrics are angry, it works.

Over all it is a phenomenal album, I love it so much. It means the world to me since it is the reason why I know one of the kindest and most sweetest young ladies around.

It’s a great album, I suggest it for anyone who likes Stone Sour, part 2 will be coming in the coming days I hope.

The Value Of Friends

Posted: March 20, 2013 in 2013, , Friends

It’s been a while since my last blog, 2 or more weeks.

It’s been sitting in my mind for a fair while now of just how lucky I am in a certain aspect to know the people I call friends. Especially those I have gotten close to over the years, they know who they are, so I will refrain from mentioning them and the fact I have mentioned them in previous blogs so I don’t feel I need to mention them again.

I always felt like an outcast in school, sure I hung out with people I could relate to, but most of them I never considered friends. There’s all of about 3 that I keep in touch from my school days that I would call friends. But that’s not the point. I always felt more accepted on online communities where I had a passion, which was music and it still is. In fact two of my closest friends I met on music forums, one on an official band forum (Stone Sour) the other two on a fan forum (Green Day)

The friend I met on the Green Day forum, here & I have known each other 7 years now, we’re lucky we live in the same country and only about a 2 hour flight away so it is possible to see each other, in fact she was the friend that had me down in December for The Living End concerts, which is something I will never forget. She & her boyfriend also came to my 21st last year, something which I never expected them to do, but it really made it special having her there. I am extremely grateful to call her my friend, there is only two other people that have done as much for me as she has and who mean the world to me.

The other friend who I also met on the Green Day forum, is someone who I still consider close to me, even if we haven’t spoken much and don’t really keep upto date with each other. She has done some great things for me, she was also present at my 21st, she came over from New Zealand to spend it with me and attend Big Day Out that weekend, it was a great 5 days. I won’t forget them. I’ll never forget her, even if distance is creeping in between us, as much as it sucks. We can always pick up where we left off, like the time apart never existed.

The other friend whom I only met just last year via the Stone Sour forums is also someone who has done a lot for me, she was there for me when I was finding it difficult to reach out to other people, and in return I have been there for her through a recent rough period and I will continue to be, because that’s the kind of friend she is to me a very important one. On top of being a great friend she has also gone to the lengths to send me an awesome gift in the mail, which was a Stone Sour cd, which was lovely of her. I’ve also done the same by sending some TV shows, why? Because She’s my friend and I want my friends to be happy and if they’re happy then I am. I never expect anything in return EVER, well other than a thank you. I just do it to see them smile and know someone appreciates them.

Then there’s my other friend who I met at TAFE, she’s like a big sister to me, i’m an only child so I never had that figure around growing up. But over the last 3 years we’ve known each other it’s been an awesome friendship! We’ve seen the ups & downs of life, but it’s always equalled itself out. We can go months without catching up but when we do it’s like we only saw each other the day before. It’s always a pleasure.

I don’t know if those three friends understand how much they mean to me, but without them I wouldn’t be who I am. Even if one friend I haven’t even known a year she means the most to me for everything she has done for me.

My friends are the greatest people on earth, and they should know that I love them dearly for being who they are to me.

This is from my friend from the Stone Sour forums, sent me their latest album
because she had a spare and no where near me had any copies. Best friend ever.